Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November is Here!

Are you in a candy coma this morning? Thankfully for us, Auggie's not old enough to eat candy yet! We managed to not buy any Halloween candy this year and have only eaten a handful or two of the sweets. 

We had an uneventful weekend. Honestly, right now I couldn't even tell you what we did without thinking about it! Hahah!

Jane, Sherwin and Jacob came up for a visit on Sunday. We all went out to eat with Aunt Sheila, Uncle Darrell and Darren. It made Sunday go by quickly! Saturday, we hung out with a few friends and their little ones. And that was about it. 

Auggie has been taking more steps. He even does some squats on his own to stand up. He's getting more adventurous about the steps and even climbing more. The other day I found him standing on top of my sewing machine looking out our opened window in the dining room! I'm slowly putting more and more things away or into our bedroom. 

Last night, we went over to our friends', Jen and Dan. They had a Halloween party and invited a few of the moms from the mom's group. It was a lot of fun. We went to a few houses to "Trick or Treat" but since we didn't want the leftover candy, I went back to the house sooner than most. I know Auggie had a good time. He only had one nap yesterday, so he was asleep by 8:30.  Auggie's nose started running late Friday, early Saturday. I'm sure it has to do with the cold front that came through. Luckily, it hasn't been too bad. We gave him benadryl before the party and it seems to have helped out.

Well, I'll leave you with some photos and I'll see you back here on Thursday!

Wearing a Monkey beanie at Target

Trying to eat his toes

A German Chocolate cupcake from
Cake Junkie in Bryan

Stuffy boy before the Halloween Party
Tired Pax and her daddy, Jud

Happy Halloween!

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