Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You're Invited

Auggie's invitations
The bird was inspired by some cute cupcakes I saw on Pinterest months ago
Gramma, Grampa, Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Dustin,
Cole, Drake, Aunt Jamie, Uncle Zach, Nathan, Zoe
and Uncle Kristopher gave Auggie a rocking chair

He was in such a great mood during his party!

Laci, Libby, Aunt Stephanie and Auggie

Grampa, Cole and Drake

My inspiration (found on Pinterest) for Auggie's birthday bird on his invitations
cupcakes made by Gramma

Most of the sweets for the party!

Auggie's delicious birthday cake from Cake Junkie in Bryan

Auggie's smash cake
made by me

Auggie in front of his banner and presents

Such a happy one year old!

Auggie and MawMaw

Waiting on his cake!

He wasn't too sure what to do with the cake
This was after I smushed his hand into it
and then he got it!

Daddy trying to help him eat the cake

and then he realized what it was!

Look at that: you can basically see the sugar running through his veins!

Cohen (5) playing with Drake and Nathan (~2.5)

MawMaw and PawPaw and their grandchildren
Dusti, Jacob and Dylan
Cohen, Micah, Auggie, Laci, Ben and Libby

Playing with tissue paper

I got a little excited, too!

Laci and Auggie playing with the toy

Party guests

Helping Mommy with the paper

Playing with the little bit of paper he tore off

Auggie loved this little dog! He sings and moves around.
There's a video at the end

Reading a card

Listening to his All Black Bear from New Zealand do the Haka
from Fredy and Jenna

Chewing on a little cow from Aunt Melanie and Uncle Corey

Auggie also liked this little dog- his ears flap up and down

Reading some more cards

Playing with his dogs together

Aunt Jamie and the birthday boy

The birthday boy with his Gramma and Grampa

Jenna and Fredy travelled the furthest (excluding family)
Thank you SO much for coming!!
Auggie's birthday went so well! We had less people than I thought (about 50) but that was okay (at least for my nerves it was!). We had some great brisket (cooked by Dustin and Lauren of Smell Our Pits BBQ) and some yummy cake from Cake Junkie, pies from Mommo and cake pops from "Aunt" Kayla! Auggie was in such a great mood the entire day- even with one nap! I was very thankful he was happy with all the attention. I mean, who wouldn't love being held almost the whole day at that age?!

He was given so many nice things- toys, clothes, gifts cards and money! If you helped us celebrate, Thank You SO much for coming! We hope everyone had a great time!

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