Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today is the Big Day!

Can you believe it??

I can't!! The past year has flown by and I still can't get over it- Auggie turns ONE today! It really does seem like just yesterday, I went home from my last doctor's appointment crying to my mom about my doctor wanting to induce me the next day. Little did I know, I'd be crying a lot more and wondering what was going on that next night.

We have been so blessed with how Auggie's first year has been. We still aren't sure when surgeries will be done or when he'll get his BAHAs but we are so happy to have a healthy little boy. He's almost walking now- just taking steps here and there... But he's definitely trying! It seemed like a huge deal when Auggie was diagnosed with Treacher-Collins but it has only made life a little more interesting. We haven't had to deal with what most families have to go through with TCS and we are very thankful for that. He gets a few more doctor appointments and gets to wear a cool headband and that's about it for now. I love my little Auggie Bear so much! I can't imagine what our life would be like without him.

We will be celebrating with some of the Bryan/College Station Moms and Tots at the park this morning and then Saturday, we're having a big shindig with family and friends. I still can't believe Auggie turns one today... I'm sure you will get tired of me saying that!

I have compiled a few of Auggie's firsts (and other significant tid bits) from throughout 2010/2011. I know there are a few things I have missed- mostly when he met family and friends for the first time- but they are mostly there.


Auggie was born November 10, 2010 at 11:22 pm.
He weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and measured 19.5 inches long.
Auggie was diagnosed with Treacher-Collins Syndrome less than 12 hours after he was born.
Auggie had his first ambulance ride, 2 sleep studies and one bronchoscopy performed in the 12 days he was in the NICU at Dell Children’s Medical Center.
Celebrated his first Thanksgiving!

Auggie celebrated his first Christmas
He had his first bath in his little bath tub.
Auggie met his Great Grandma Rigby for the first time.

Auggie celebrated his first New Year!

Auggie celebrated his first Valentine’s Day.
Auggie saw his first snowfall!
Auggie attended his first rugby game (even if it was A&M).

Auggie met his Great Grandma and Great Grandpa for the first time.
He tried out rice cereal for the first time.
Auggie had his first ABR hearing test done at Dell Children’s Medical Center
Auggie got the okay from the doctor to see people!
Auggie rolled over for the first time.
Auggie met the Rigby side cousins.
Auggie had his first playdate- Mainly Music and Tanglewood Park
Auggie sat in his first swing.

Auggie went to Nacogdoches for the first time.
Auggie switched over to Similac Soy Formula when he was 5.5 months old.
He ate applesauce for the first time.
Auggie had his first sick day.
Auggie celebrated his first Easter with both sides of the family.
He met all his cousins up close and personal for the first time!
Auggie received his first BAHA- on loan from Miss Judy.
He went outside for the first time with his BAHA
Auggie met his friend, Colin, for the first time in Austin!

Auggie can get his feet to his mouth!
He kicks his legs against the ground when he's upset.
He liked to pull up on things- Mommy, Daddy, the coffee table, etc.

He started sleeping through the night consistently!
Auggie was diagnosed with eczema… finally!
Auggie had his ups and downs with food- some days he’d love it and most days he’d hate it.
Auggie started reacting to peek-a-boo.
We went on our first family vacation- to Georgia!
Auggie went out of state for the first time, too! Texas to Georgia, down to Florida and back home!
Auggie went to his first out-of-state beach-  Destin, Florida.
Auggie was an inch-worm before our trip and when we came back, he was pretty much crawling!
Auggie had his first ride on the Gator at MawMaw and PawPaw’s house.

Auggie celebrated his first 4th of July!
Auggie started crawling under things- mostly his exersaucer.
Auggie went to the Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley for the first time.
He found the musical door stoppers in our house.
Auggie attended his first Mainly Music Class with his BAHA.
He can sit himself down, pick something up and then pull himself back up.
Auggie started to sit up from the crawling position
He started realizing the BAHA was on his head.
Mommy found Auggie’s first tooth!

Auggie went on his first Siegmund Family Vacation to Corpus Christi.
At his 9 month check up, he weighed 16 pounds 11 ounces and measured 27.75 inches long.

Auggie started clapping his hands together.
Auggie began to recognize the sign for “milk”
He played on his first indoor playground
Auggie went to his first SFA Rugby Alumni game.

Auggie started to sign “dog” while looking for Aussie and Charley.
He can sign “milk” and “all done,” waves bye-bye, and started to say “ma ma.”
He started smacking his lips together.
He slid down a slide at the park for the first time.
He also started to climb up on things- the coffee table, into the laundry basket, up the back of the futon.
For Auggie’s first Halloween, he dressed up as a bear! We went to a few houses after a friend’s party.
He also went to the Pimpkin Patch several times for pictures!

Auggie has been taking steps since late October but really started taking more and more as his first birthday gets closer.
He amazes me every day- he is such a fast crawler and is so into watching people and knowing what is going on around him. I know he's going to make a difference one day... Those eyes know something special.


  1. August is so special and such a blessing to all of us! Happy birthday Auggie! We love you!

  2. Your post made me cry. :) He's an amazing little fella with so many wonderful things in store for him. I can't wait to see where his life takes him.


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