Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Family Thanksgiving

We enjoyed a nice weekend in Krum celebrating Thanksgiving with the Rigby side of our family. It was great having everyone in town but I’m pretty sure someone is going to have to stay in a hotel in the next five years! I suggested we should make a new tradition and go to a tropical place… like Hawaii or even Florida… but I don’t think anyone took it too seriously. I figured if we go somewhere then no one has to cook (or clean up once everyone leaves!). Maybe when the kids are older?

Like I said, we had a great weekend. We stayed at Jamie and Zach’s house. The kids played on Nathan’s swing set and with all his toys. I think all the kids had fun. 

Drake, Nathan, Cole, Dustin, Zach, Jamie, Auggie, Kelsey, Tim, Kristopher, Dad, Mom, Lindsay and Zoe

Lindsay made these for our place cards

Happy Drake.... Sad Drake
Nathan wouldn't play with him

Auggie loved playing with Nathan on his bed

Auggie laying down with Cole

Nathan, Jamie and Zoe

And now onto our family pictures... Just a note- I haven't edited any of these.... Just made sure the color was alright...

The Goff Family

The Wright Family

The Siegmund Family

Auggie (1), Nathan (almost 3), Cole (10.5), Zoe (3.5 months), Drake (almost 3)

Grampa and Gramma with their grandkids

And this is about as good as it gets with our sibling picture

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