Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pool, Family, Friends and New Babies!

Well, new babies, not yet... My sister is supposed to have her daughter, Zoe, around 11 this morning. She'll be the first girl on my side of the family. I'm totally jealous she's having the first girl but I am so much more excited for Jamie, Zach & Nathan!

A good friend of ours came in town Wednesday night. It was so nice to see Rachel. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures! I don't know what I was thinking- obviously not about taking pictures!

My mom came in town on her way to see Jamie. She stopped by for a few hours and ate lunch with us at Jimmy Johns.

Wednesday morning we went to the pool down the street. Its a great pool if you have little ones because its mostly shallow and has a beach-style entrance. Auggie likes the pool but both times we've been to that pool, his skin broke out in a rash. We think they treat the pool often because there are always a lot of kids. So I think we might be avoided that pool for the rest of the summer.

Auggie has been messing with his mouth a lot the past couple of days. His gums are really starting to bother him. The one tooth he does have is coming along well. It looks like it pokes out more and more each day. You can see in some of the pictures at the pool, he's chewing on the metal clasp of the pacifier clip.

Auggie & Archer are the same age

How 9 month olds play!

Not a fan of peaches, strawberries or any other food


Our cheap family outing was complete with His & Hers burritos from Freebirds 

Auggie hasn't learned he can open the gate to the farm instead of going over it

Trying to pull down some toys (or ornaments) when he was supposed to be sleeping

Sleeping baby (I just love his PJs)

Staring out the windows at Jimmy Johns during Mom's visit

Messy face

There's a smile!

Getting tickled by Daddy

Making kissy faces

This is all he wanted to do at Mainly Music last week during the water party

Three little lady bugs all in a row
 And finally, I'm getting around to posting about our Comal River Trip we took to celebrate our anniversary! We went to New Braunfels on July 23 with a few friends. I was disappointed at first at how many people didn't respond or said they couldn't go but 6 was a great number to go with... Plus we had a lot of fun! The river was busy but it wasn't too crowded. It took us about 3.5 hours to float the river. It was definitely hot!! Afterwards, we went to The Gristmill in Gruene. It was an outdoor restaurant- meaning no A/C. That was the only thing I didn't like. It was set up with different levels and in some areas, you could see the Guadelupe River.
Brett and Katie

Dustin & Lauren

Me and Tim

After Bret lost the sunglass he borrowed... he found these!


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  1. I just love those puppy pajamas too! A few of my friends have them for their little dudes.

    The tubing looks like lots of fun! The one place we have in Minnesota is pretty dangerous (lots of rocks and dangerous drop offs)! I haven't been now that I'm older and wiser. :)


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