Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Auggie must be allergic to the beginning of the month

Auggie has a stuffy nose.. again! This will be the third month in a row he's been feeling a little down. I hope he feels better soon because I hate forcing him to clean his nose and of course, I want him feeling better!

Auggie is making progress in the food department. He's up to about 5 Nilla Wafers a day and actually pays some attention to the baby food we've been giving him. I really do hope it continues!
yep, there's a nilla wafer in there

OH! There it is!


Auggie wanted Daddy's grapes

This is the first time he's put the mesh teether in his mouth

Look, Mom! No hands!!

Auggie discovered stairs over the weekend! Friday afternoon we met up with some of the moms and kids from our meet up group. We went to the indoor play place at Post Oak Mall. I didn't think Auggie was going to be into it much but as soon as he was able to see the tree house, he got all excited and couldn't wait to get down. When he was down, he wasn't sure which kid to follow!

Saturday, we drove out to Marble Falls in the Hill Country to celebrate Jessica's birthday. It was a nice day being out of College Station and hanging out with family.

Auggie crawled through this tunnel about a dozen times

Playing on the mobile frogs

Checking out the stairs

Playing with his new toys on his new booster seat

"and the piggy goes oink oink oink"

Mommo and Auggie

Grandma K and Auggie

Playing on the piano with Aunt Jessica and Ben

Maybe Auggie will be a pianist when he's older

Ben reading to Auggie

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