Thursday, August 11, 2011

There's No Way He's 9 Months Old!!

Oh, wait... Yesterday was August 10!

I can't believe my sweet little boy turned 9 months old yesterday! We'll be taking pictures sometime this weekend when Kevin, Jamie and Colin visit!

We went to Corpus Christi over the weekend with Tim's family. All 17 of us! We stayed at the Holiday Inn right on the beach. Our hotel rooms looked out over the beach and water. We ate at Snoopy's Pier Friday night after we went to the beach for a bit. Snoopy's was good... Cash only... but good. Saturday, we spent more time at the beach in the morning, ate lunch and then went to the Texas State Aquarium. After the aquarium, we went back to hang out at the hotel, have the kids take naps and eat dinner.

We tried very hard to keep Auggie's sleeping schedule going smoothly so we missed out on a lot of pool and beach time. I'm sure it didn't help he also got sick Saturday night/early Sunday morning. He's had a sore throat, stuffy nose, runny nose and a bad cough since then. Friday night he didn't sleep well, either. It has to be the Pack-N-Play (or in Tim's eyes.. Pack-2-Play... lol- he thought the cursive "n" was a 2). We'll try to use it for nap time the week before we go on another trip. We're definitely not having Auggie sleep in the same bed with us- He moves around way too much to do that.

Saturday night/early Sunday was just plain ol' scary because of how Auggie was choking while he coughed. Tim and I both understand the difference between coughing, choking and then something being wrong... And it just seemed like something was wrong! Auggie would turn a bright bright red when he coughed. If he was able to just cough up the phlegm in his throat or even blow his nose, he would have been ok. But since he couldn't, it kept getting back down in his throat. He sounded very hoarse. It all came on so quickly, we have no idea what happened. He slept from 9 to midnight and woke up sounding and probably feeling terribly. It seems like he's getting better so hopefully we won't have to bother with antibiotics or anything. We'll see though.

I guess I'll add in some pictures from the weekend so keep things spaced out...

on the way to Corpus Christi
First time on the beach at the Texas Coast
Tim, Rick & Ben hanging out at Snoopy's Pier for dinner Friday night
Auggie found the mirror in the hotel room
Eating lunch Saturday afternoon- Tim is demonstrating how Auggie stared at us while he was in his Pack-n-Play
The kids' grumpy faces
Smooches from MawMaw
Miss Laci
Auggie and Laci
Ben goofing around while we were in line for the Texas State Aquarium
Auggie trying to watch the Dolphin show
Sea Otters for Kent :)
Some lady kept telling her kids they were seals *SMH*
Dolphin showing off after the show
Auggie and Me at the dolphin pool
The hawk was trained to fly towards the target behind the guy... there were some corny jokes surrounding the target but I don't remember them. I can't believe they picked him to get a picture of it...
Showing how the hawk can capture birds in flight easily
Auggie, me and the hawk
Auggie and Jacob playing
More smooches from MawMaw

Auggie loved the Aquarium!
Auggie with MawMaw and PawPaw
A beautiful Roseated Spoonbill
Roseated Spoonbill and White Ibis
Sting Ray
The sting ray jumped up onto the side of the tank 
Auggie and PawPaw at the Aquarium
MawMaw & PawPaw with Auggie at the starfish pool
a hermit crab
He was mesmerized by the fish
I love this picture
Jacob watching the fish
Such a cute porcupine!
Mr. Micah
Auggie wanting to get down
Hanging out at the beach Saturday night
Libby was tired
Melanie was helping Cohen surf on his boogie board
Ben and Rick playing in the sand
Micah throwing sand at me
I think he got sand all over me on this throw

Friday night, Jane found Auggie's second tooth! It is one of his bottom front teeth. Then, yesterday at his 9 month well visit, Dr. T spotted a third tooth! It looks like it'll be one of his top front teeth. YAY, Auggie! I am so happy they're coming in now. I guess we'll just have to wait to see what a dentist says in November about the placement. It could be a problem on his lower jaw because it is small. There are times when he whines and we're pretty sure its because of his teeth coming in. Poor, bub. I wish we could do more for him than the cold teethers.

Like I said before, Auggie had his 9 month well visit on Wednesday. This week was full of visits from his AI therapist, pediatrician and dietician. I took him to the pediatrician on Monday just because we weren't comfortable with his coughing/choking. His AI therapist came to the house that afternoon for his weekly appointment. It went well. Tuesday morning, his dietician came by for a weigh-in and to check to see how he was doing with eating food. We've hit a wall with his eating. He is not a fan of anything but formula and pretzels! I'm going to try something new later today and see if it helps any. And then Wednesday, we went back to Dr. T. He didn't need any shots but he did get his finger pricked. Poor guy hated that! He ended up ruining my shirt because he didn't want his hand held- I have a bunch of little blood spots all over it now. He's up to 16 pounds and 11 ounces and measure 27.75 inches long. He's in the 3rd percentile for weight and 30th (or 40th) for weight.

I'll have more pictures on Tuesday for you. I figure almost 40 is good for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend- I know we will!


  1. I noticed Aunt Jane hair cut--looks nice :) LOVE KAYLA

  2. Auggie is getting into the really "FUN" stage! How exciting!

    Try hydrogen peroxide on the blood stains- dab it on straight with a cotton ball, then throw it in the wash right away. It should come out pretty easily. -Megan

  3. LOVE the pics! My favorites are the "Auggie loved the aquarium" one & the other is Micah chunking the sand...and of course the 4 part Ben pic. :)

    Glad to hear that Auggie's feeling better. Here's hoping for good news from all his upcoming appointments! :)


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