Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello, Thursday! You snuck up on me!

I can't believe it is already the last Thursday in May! The months have flown by!

Auggie started pulling up on Tuesday. He pulled up onto the laundry basket and then promptly fell. He's a trooper, though, when he hits the ground. He usually cries just when he's tired. But of course, this "pulling up" stage is accompanied by the "I wanna be up all the time" stage. You know how he sat there and had his arms out? He looked like he wanted to fly? Well, now his arms are out because he wants to start to pick him up and then he wants to use your hands to pull himself up!

I was worried about him crawling soon... Now I have to worry about him trying to pull up on everything!

I only have the video for you today. Sorry. I haven't taken very many pictures the past couple of days. I have it in my mind, we will leave for Atlanta in June with a clean house. So we can come back home and just relax and not have to put up laundry or do the dishes (I wouldn't leave dishes that long anyway)... but yea... I want a clean house... Why is it so hard to keep a clean house? Oh, yea, that's right because we have too much stuff!

I will tell you what I was going to post last week though...

Auggie and I met Sydelle for lunch while we were in La Porte 2 weekends ago. While we were there, a lady came up and interrupted our conversation. She apologized for interrupting us but just had to ask me a question about my "daughter." Auggie was wearing his hearing aid at the time and I've had plenty of people reference him as a girl so it wasn't a big deal. I just threw in a few "he's" and "him's" and she realized. (lol) She asked if he had a chromosomal disorder because his face shape look just like her sister's. I just explained to her that he had Treacher-Collins Syndrome. She went on to say she always hated it when people would stare or even just obviously notice her sister's disorder (she had Trisomy 13) and not ever say anything about it. She always wanted people to just ask.

It was so nice of her to share that with me. She went out of her way to ask a question and she was very polite about it. She was on her way out of Chipotle but wanted to stop anyway-she had waited while we were in line ordering, while she ordered and then towards the end of our lunch.

I guess, those educated questions help a lot.. even those people who don't ask and just compliment Auggie's gorgeous blue eyes, his cute open mouthed smile and even his dimples (which he shouldn't have). The people who play with him and coo at him just like he's anyone else. Or even those little kids who ask their parent a question about his hearing aid but are nice enough to ask me...

They help me :)

So if you've asked questions, thank you.. and if you haven't but want to, we're listening!

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  1. I love ya, Kelsey. This post was a good one to read. :)


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