Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting Up and Going!

Auggie has been a little mover lately! He is all about wanting to pull up on me or Tim or anyone/anything that will let him. He wants to get going but he doesn't know he can't. I feel bad for him sometimes because he wants to stand up but he usually doesn't hold onto anything so ends up falling. Luckily, he's only had a few close calls because someone is always there to catch him!

Auggie’s doing so good with all his milestones and everything. He was weighed twice last week- first time fully clothed, he was 16.01 pounds and then the second time naked, he was 15.8 pounds. So I guess, he’s between 15.5 and 16 pounds!  Every scale is different so I’m sure we’ll never know exactly how much he weighs.

We had an appointment with Toni (Dietician) and Melinda (AI) on Tuesday and then we saw Mandy (Speech) on Wednesday. 
His dietician appointments are getting more spread out now. Toni was very happy with how well he’s eating and how well he’s taken to eating solids. She said we could give him anything on our plate now that he no longer screams during meal time. We won’t see her again until late July/early August.
Melinda sees him every Monday over the summers. She’s with AI- Auditory something-or-other. I still can’t remember what that means. But she’s with the Brazos Valley Regional Day School Program for the Deaf.
Mandy sees him once a month, for now. She has really helped us with getting him to eat and she’ll start with helping how to get him to babble and talk properly when the time comes.

Last Thursday, Jessica, Rick & Ben came for a visit. We went to Adamson Lagoon just down the road from us. They have 4 slides (2 for little kids and 2 for the kids at heart), a lily pad run, a kiddy pool, a deep end and a semi-shallow end. It's a very nice pool and its only $6 to get in! It'll be a lot of fun for our other nieces and nephews when they come for a visit.
At Adamson Lagoon Thursday June 2

Ben about to go down the slide
At Adamson Lagoon Thursday June 2
Ben sliding
At Adamson Lagoon Thursday June 2
Jessica, Ben, Auggie & I
At Adamson Lagoon Thursday June 2

Mom, Lindsay and I hosted a "sprinkle" for Jamie & Zach in La Porte over the weekend. It was a great day to have people over! I hope Jamie and Zach enjoyed it!
The Diaper Cake
Jamie & Zach's "Sprinkle" for Zoe
Saturday June 4

The Scrapbook I made for Zoe along with the diaper cake I made and the "Woobie" from Ruby Dean Designs
Jamie & Zach's "Sprinkle" for Zoe
Saturday June 4
 One of the moms (Jen) I met through the Moms & Tots group on MeetUp.com makes paci clips, blankets, wet bags, slings and nursing covers. We were able to get a few paci clips for the Soothie brand pacifiers! YAY! That was one of the reasons why I didn't like those pacifiers was because nothing attaches to them! Jen's are really cute and come in all sorts of fabric choices! She has a Facebook Page called Ruby Dean Designs. She also made the "Woobie" in the picture above (the little blanket with the ribbon under the diaper cake).

Auggie chewing on the paci clip from my friend Jen @ Ruby Dean Design
Sunday, June 5
 Auggie has been sleeping longer and when we check on him in the morning, he usually has his butt in the air. I just love the picture below. His feet are crossed and he just looks so comfy!

Sleeping with his butt in the air! Love it!
 Friday, I took Auggie back to his pediatrician for her to look at his rash. She walked in and even before she closed the door, she knew it was eczema! He's had some form of it since he was 3 months old and she just now told us what it was. We're a little peeved at that but she gave us a steroid cream to use twice a day. Today is the 6/7 time to use it and all those red spots are gone! I'm so glad its gone! I just hope it stays away.
Auggie's mysterious rash on Friday, June 3

Playing with a balloon
Saturday June 4

Playing with Scout
Sunday June 5

Playing with a new toy
Monday June6

New Toy!
Monday June 6

Chewing on some paper before his AI appointment
Monday June 6

Mmmm.. Paper!
Monday June 6

Watching Baby Signs
Monday June 6

The morning after he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!
Tuesday June 7

Bright eyed after 9.5 hours of sleep
Tuesday June 7

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