Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meeting family and friends along the way

Auggie is really starting to show his personality... He kicks his legs against the ground when he's upset. He  turns into our shoulder when someone makes him smile. He'll bounce really hard in his exersaucer when he's ready to get out. His facial expressions are highlighted in his face all the time.

Mandy, the speech therapist from ECI, came by Monday for our monthly appointment. She showed us a great way to get Auggie to eat his solids. Tim and I were both dumfounded by how it was so much easier to get him to eat! We're on to bananas now! Hopefully they'll continue to go well.

Friday, we're meeting with someone from AI.. Auditory something or other. lol. They work with kids from age 3 to 21 through Bryan ISD. I'm really looking forward what she has to teach us and Auggie.

As I said last week, I was going to debut Auggie's newest feat.. no pun intended. Auggie can get his feet to his mouth! It is so funny to watch! I think he learned a few tips from Delaney last week when we were in La Porte for Easter. Delaney can basically fold in half with her feet in her mouth. So cute! Auggie can get them up one at a time but usually stretches out his socks or pants in the process. Too funny!

I'm a little behind in organizing pictures so I'll leave you with some recent pics of Auggie and friends. Since Auggie is taking a nap, I'll be able to get something done. House work, you say? HA! Nope! ;)

Auggie (5.5 months) and Colin (2.5 months) finally got to meet!
April 30

Big difference!

mmmm... FEET!
April 28

Wearing his BAHA
April 28

Auggie's feetsies
April 28

Just chillin' in the Boppy
April 28

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