Friday, May 6, 2011

52 Fridays- Catching up!

So my post-every-Friday attitude has kind of hit the back burner... Lately I've been just trying to keep up with posting every Tuesday and Thursday. I don't know why that's so hard. Even my personal paper journal has been looking empty since Auggie was born. 


I am keeping up with my goal for the year... One crafty project a week. Even if it is just a card or something cute for around the house... I still get to use my creativity and that is what my goal is all about!

So today, I have a bunch of cards to show off. I wasn't able to post them before because I wanted to make sure they had reached their destination before I went and showed them off!

Enough of my rambling and onto the cards!

Anniversary Card

1st Anniversary Card which matched the wedding card I made them (below)
4/17/10 I only have their envelope :(
Photo credit: "Images by Rebekah"

Thank you card

"See You Soon, Grandma"

Family card

To the Newlyweds!
Thank You card

Birthday Card

Wedding Card

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  1. LOVE them all!! Especially the ones you made for us! I have both of the cards in my wedding keepsake box! :-)


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