Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are there ever TWO stay-at-home parents?

I love the days when Tim is able to come home early. I enjoy the time the three of us get to spend together. The weekends just don't seem to cut it.

Is it because we're usually going somewhere or have something planned? Probably.

Of course, with Tim staying home I never get anything done! Hence the tardiness in this post!

The past couple of days have gone well. Auggie took a big step during meal time Wednesday night- We got through the whole bowl of pears without a single tear or any screaming. He even opened his mouth a little bit for the spoon! I hope (oh so much!!) that was the beginning of him eating well.

Zoomed in on the action
May 18
Doing a lot better with the spoon
May 18
Playing with the rings from Sydelle
May 18
Sitting up SO well!
May 18
And here are more of Auggie's 6 month photos... I'll be ordering 4x6's this afternoon so I'll hopefully have them to mail out to everyone next week! YAY! 

I'll have more to say later... I figured I'll just post this for now. I have a little experience to share with you.

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