Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Milam County Nature Festival, Nacogdoches & Some Firsts

We made plans with both sides of our families to meet up in Cameron at the 2011 Milam County Nature Festival. Auggie was able to meet all his cousins on Tim's side. I know they had been really looking forward to meeting him. All the times they saw him were through the window or TV when we got on XBOX Live. Drake, Cole, Lindsay and my mom were able to come from my side. Tim is the advisor from Texas Park & Wildlife for the organization who organized the festival- The El Camino Real Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist. The members have kept up with how Auggie has been doing so they were all happy they were able to meet him. Auggie was also able to meet a pair of Tim's landowners- Molly & Ray. They're so sweet and both times that I've met them, I feel like I'm part of their family! One of these days we're going to make a trip out to their place- Auggie has lots of fishing to do!

The festival is was fun! Auggie fell asleep after he ate. He was nice and comfy in the Snugli carrier once he was facing towards me.

Photo by Corey
April 9
Photo by Molly & Ray
April 9
Gramma trying to get comfy with Auggie
April 9

After his lunch, he fell asleep
April 9

Drake touching an alligator
April 9
We spent Thursday & Friday in Nacogdoches. Auggie was able to meet Chris, Liz, Kati, Stephanie, Erica, Kate, Leah and whole bunch of people from SFA Campus Rec! He was such a ladies man! Tim & I were both nervous about him not having good days since he's been crying a lot at night but as soon as he was out of that car seat and meeting new people, he was so happy and smiley! Of course, I brought my camera and what happens?? I took one picture! I'm so mad at myself for only taking one picture!! :( But at least I got the one picture.. Plus, Auggie made history and let Kate hold him! YAY Kate!

Kate, Erica & Kent
April 8
I don't know if I should say this or if I'm jinxing myself... but I guess I'll say it any way.. Auggie has been sleeping better the past few nights. Thank goodness! It is still harder to put him to bed and keep him there and asleep than before but it is a heck of a lot better than him screaming every 45 minutes.

We've been helping Auggie practice sitting up on his own. I think it is going well and he'll be sitting up on his own in no time! He always wants to be sitting straight up.
5 months old
April 10
Monday he really held his bottle well! I was actually able to get a few pictures. He was hungry so he leaned to the bottle and grabbed it and put it in his mouth. So happy!

Holding his bottle
April 11

Leaning forward
April 11

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