Friday, April 15, 2011

52 Fridays- Kitchen Command Center... err... Dining Room Command Center

I have been working on this project for quite a while.. well it has mostly been in the planning stages but it finally came together last night! A few weeks ago, I found the frame I wanted to use and then this past week, I found the fabric!

I first saw the kitchen command center over at seven thirty three: A Creative Blog. That led me to do a Google search of "kitchen command center" and then I found Oh So Chichi!'s post about her awesome command center. (My inspiration came from another blog post but I can't figure out which one :( It was mainly the inspiration for the type of frame.. I hope I find it soon so I give proper credit!)

seven thirty three

Oh So Chichi!
I love how Oh So Chichi!'s is organized. Once we have more in the family or when Auggie gets older, I plan on having specific to-do sections for everyone.

I had been looking for a few specific things for our kitchen command center to include:

  • A mail holder was a must. We have mail on just about every shelf in the house and I don't like not knowing where it should go.
  • A calendar. We already have a calendar that organizes Auggie's doctor appointments and the many meetings Tim has scheduled for work so I figured I could wait to upgrade it. At least it matches :)
  • Key hooks. I want to eventually add key hooks to the bottom of the frame. Right now our keys are near our door and I know Tim doesn't like them there. Plus, the hooks they're on don't really go with much.
  • Cork board. The cork board will hold the invitations, upcoming events or little notes we need to see.

And now onto our Kitchen Command Center... okay- it's in the dining room since our kitchen is small and doesn't have much wall space. At least the colors will match- teal, yellow and red.

The frame started our navy blue so I used paint used on our trim around the house. Then I covered the back piece with fabric and then added the ribbon, cork and hand made mail folder.

The top holds soon to be covered clothes pins that will hold different things like pictures or notes or invitations. The middle area has 2 6"x6" pieces of cork covered in fabric. The buttons are actually thumbtacks! And then the bottom part is where our mail will go. I'll eventually add hooks into the frame for our keys but that will be another project.

I am very happy with how it all came together.

$5 frame + $5 fabric + $5 thumbtacks, clothes pins ribbon & buttons = ~ $15 for the whole project!

Do you have a Kitchen Command Center in your house??


  1. I was wondering where the calendar was, but then I reread it. We have something kind of similar but it doesn't all match... We have a dry erase/cork board combo that I attached a little hanging thing I made to store mail and other important crap. I totally like yours more though. I'll have to remember this for when we get a house and I can make sure it'll go with the house colors. Looks great, Kels!

  2. Love it!!! So good to hang out with you guys! :-)


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