Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Auggie is getting SO BIGGG!

Auggie got on the coffee table this morning while Melinda (his therapist) was here for her appointment. He kept squatting and then standing up and then raising his arms above his head. I couldn't figure out what he was saying while he was doing it until Melinda asked if he was saying "so big!" We said "so big" a couple times while he stood up and he started smiling. He was excited when we figured out what he was doing. It was so cute! This was the first time he's done "so big" without being prompted. He really had only started copying me last week.

I really can't believe he is getting so big! I know I say that every week on the blog... You can imagine how often I tell myself that, too!

We had a great weekend in La Porte. The drive there was awful. It took us almost 4 hours to get home because highway 6 was practically shut down about 5 miles south of Navasota. We took a few Farm-to-Market roads to get onto Highway 290. We had planned to make my dad dinner but stopped at McDonald's on the way so we could eat and so Auggie could play for a bit.

We spent most of Saturday with some rugby friends. I wish the weather would have been nicer so Auggie and I could have stayed at the game. It was kind of cool and drizzly. The last thing I wanted was for Auggie to get sick so we went back to my parents' house while Tim watched the rest of the game. I was disappointed we missed seeing some friends but health is a little more important. Auggie played with Zane at the house and by the time Jen and I had made up our minds to go back to the game, it was over. Oooops. We spent the rest of the night hanging out with the rugby folks in Clear Lake while my mom watched Auggie. It was great getting out just the two of us.

Saturday morning we were supposed to go to a funeral for Tim's great uncle but Sherwin was in the hospital so we wanted to be able to leave as soon as we needed to. Sherwin is doing fine now; he just needs to take it easy for a couple weeks.

The weekend went  by way too quickly. I'm already looking forward to going back home again. There never seems to be enough time to spend with friends and family. I didn't get any pictures with my Canon over the weekend. I was looking forward to Saturday's game to get most of the pictures but since it was rainy, I left the camera in the car.

Auggie ate 2 whole cookies this weekend! YAY!

Tim's first wildflower in the yard. I think it's pretty... he doesn't

Auggie stole my spoon of peanut butter

Trying to bite my finger nails!

Watching the cars go by

He enjoyed walking across the field
Watching Daddy unload the groceries.
Did you see that first picture? 2 cookies this weekend! I know, they're not the healthiest, but hey, I will jump for joy every time he eats something new or all of something! He finished about 1/4 cup of goldfish crackers this morning and drank a little bit of my almond milk. This momma is super proud. Auggie has also started signing "frog" consistently. It's not right up to his throat, but it still counts!

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  1. I love the picture of him with your spoon, it is as if he is saying, "there is nothing to see here, keep moving" I LOVE IT!!!


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