Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March is marching right on in!

It's already the third month of 2012! Slowwww down! I don't think it will- we have so much planned! I turn 25 in exactly a month! AHHH! Easter is coming up. That means we'll have at least 2 Easter egg hunts. Auggie's great grandparents will be in La Porte. We have a wedding to attend. I might be doing some family pictures. I'll be babysitting all of Spring Break. Busy busy busy!

Auggie has been busy busy busy too! He's starting to reach for door knobs when he wants to go outside. I am so glad we don't have the handle-type! Monday, he picked his nose for the first time.. and the second and the third. He pretty much stopped picking once I started laughing. Then he just kept his finger in his nose. It was pretty funny, though. He laughed with me a few times. That's a funny picture: Auggie with his finger in his nose and laughing.

That's another thing he's beginning to do more often- laugh with us. I love his little laugh. It has always reminded me of that person who laughs when s/he doesn't get the joke. Too funny!

I don't think I have talked about Auggie's climbing ability much lately. Last week he learned how to climb into our bed. The bed is pretty high but we have a support board (for the mattresses) that he can climb onto and then pull himself up. I really have to watch him now when he goes into our room. He likes to flop on the bed and lay out on our duvet. He also likes to play with the string of lanterns and sunflowers on our headboard. He can flop all he wants but the headboard is a no-go area. He's already broken off one of the lanterns.

Last Thursday was our last appointment for occupational therapy. In the two weeks we were at home (we only missed one appointment), Auggie started eating better. Well, not necessarily better, but he snacked more. He ate a bunch of goldfish, crackers, veggie chips/sticks and even ventured out to eat an orange. I told the therapist we'd come back if we had more of an issue. He likes to walk around and eat. I know I'm going to regret not making him sit down but I'm glad he's eating. We'll deal with sitting down later!

We celebrated Mommo's 79th birthday on Sunday in Giddings. It was nice seeing everyone there. We drove around after to let Auggie take his nap for a little bit. I can't wait to see all the wildflowers this year! They're going to be so pretty. I took a few pictures so I'll post some throughout the next week or so.

Indian Paint Brush (click to make bigger)

I went to a craft night for Preemie Prints and Auggie fell
asleep during the 10 minute drive to Bryan

Luckily, he continued to sleep when we got
there so he wasn't too grouchy

Playing at the park with Zane and William

eating an orange while watching Nemo.. of course!
Auggie with Cat in the Hat
(thanks, Jen, for the picture!)
At storytime celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday

Auggie, Cinco and Erin at story time

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