Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Afternoon Special

Just letting you know... If you follow the blog through NetworkedBlogs, I will no longer be using them. I do not agree with their statements. They want permission to post any time to my Honeybee Creations page and I don't see the need for them to have that right. They won't publish my link to my posts on my personal Facebook page without access to my work page so I'm done using their service.

and now onto our post...

I figured I might as well post once this week! Tim spent Saturday night through Thursday afternoon in Giddings. He worked with Sherwin so we could have a little extra money. It's a good thing he did, though... Our tenants' water heater broke earlier this week. Woo hoo, huh? Just another thing to put on the list.

Auggie and I had a nice week. It seems like Sunday was so long ago! We didn't do much but there weren't too many tantrums so that's always nice. We went to the park a couple times, saw Uncle Kristopher on Thursday, ate at Chik-Cil-A and got to hang out with Mr. Jonathan for a few hours. Mainly Music was on Wednesday and Tuesday was full of speech therapy and an appointment with the dietician.

I should have more "real" photos (not iPhone ones) on Tuesday. This week I'll leave you with a bunch of pics and a few videos.

Auggie loves laying in our bed

He was being silly

Attempting to do a pull up at the park

Chewing on an apple

Walking with PawPaw in Lowe's

Jonathan would jump then Auggie would jump

At Chik-Fil-A on Wednesday

Bath time!
My Little Nemo
The outfit wasn't planned, I promise ;)

Smiling at the park

Auggie sat in my lap while I was on the swing

Auggie watched Uncle Kristopher and Daddy play XBox

Climbing up the playground

This would have been SO cute but he moved
and created double eyes and mouth

Watching Uncle Kristopher at the park

not sitting like he should be

Have a great weekend!

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