Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Look! It's a Bird! It's an Airplane....

Nope! It's just Auggie signing away!

He's signing "more,""outside," "bird" and "airplane!" Auggie's version of outside is a little different but he definitely gets what he wants across. He is in love with birds! I can't believe how much he likes them... but then again, Tim and I love birds, too. Auggie likes to sit or stand at the back door and look at the White Wing Doves, House Sparrows and Grackles on the fence, bushes or power lines.

Auggie is also eating more! Can you believe it? It only took him 8 months to start liking and eating solid foods! This morning he had a little bit of waffles for breakfast. He enjoyed them with and without syrup. He kept shoving all the pieces in his mouth and then spitting them back out. When he's done eating, he usually signs "all done."

He's also been eating cheese nips, 'nilla wafers, dried cranberries and he even had a few Frito chips on Sunday! I am definitely loving that he eats but I hate having to clean up all those little pieces he leaves on the floor. Guess I better get used to cleaning our floors more often!

Sunday brought the College Station area some cloudy weather which turned into rainy weather on Monday. If you're from Houston, you know what I'm talking about. We only got about 0.4" of rain here but some Houston areas got up to 6"! No thanks! I don't miss seeing some highways flooded. Monday turned into a good day to hang out at the mall. They have an indoor playground at the food court so I took Auggie there for an hour or so. Once he figured out how to go down the slide, it was all he wanted to do! He only had one fall which knocked off one of his BAHAs but once it was back on, he was on the move again. There were 2 little girls a little older than him and then 2 older kids (probably 7 or 8) so the playground wasn't that busy. I was surprised.

Since I am oh so late in posting actual camera pictures, I'll start from where I left off- Christmas!
Auggie and Delaney had a little playdate while we were in La Porte
over Christmas weekend

He wanted to see what Cat was up to

The Wrights

Daddy and Auggie opening up a present

Cole in his Christmas gear

He stole Drake's hamburger patty (it's fake)

Drake and Nathan got Nerf Tommy Guns from Uncle Kristopher

Auggie, Drake and Nathan playing with Drake's grill
 The day of New Year's Eve, we met up with Jen, Dan and Zane at the Brazos Valley Children's Museum to drop the ball at noon. It was fun. I know the kids had a great time playing in the "under 3" area. Here are some pictures.
Playing with the boy in the mirror

Why the long face, bud??


Auggie and Zane playing at the Children's Museum

Hi there!

What is THIS??!

He likes to lean back

The "crystal" ball the Children's Museum
dropped at noon on New Year's Eve

Auggie eating a wafer cookie
I'll have another good post for you on Thursday- more pictures!

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