Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Busy Busy Busy Tuesday Morning

We had Auggie's usual auditory and speech therapies this morning. They went well. He had his yearly evaluation so his case coordinator came to his appointments, too. His evaluation went great. He is at or just a little ahead of what 14 month olds should be doing with receptive and expressive language and fine and oral motor skills. YAY!!

He impressed Melinda (auditory therapist) with all his new signs. He even showed her "fish," "monkey," "baby" and "shoes" without being prompted! He sat on the couch for quite a while as she showed him different blocks and pictures in a book. He makes me so happy because he's finally showing us what we've been working on! I think we figured out Auggie's up to about 20 signs.

Molly (speech therapist) got to hear a few new "words," too. Auggie has started to saying "thank you." He mostly getting the inflections down but he's using it in the same context we'd say "thank you" in. Molly has been really happy with how he's improved on eating and vocalizing. She's going to stop coming once a week and make it two times a month. I think Auggie gets tired after Melinda's appointment anyway so stretching out Molly's appointments will give him a bit of a break.

We are so proud of our little guy!

He was having a good time repeating my sounds and words.

My parents drove up on Saturday to help us install two fans in the duplex. The fans make a huge difference. The living room actually has air moving around in it and our room is soooo quiet! I can actually cover up with a blanket in the living room now. Since the weather has been inconsistent lately, we don't have to turn on the A/C since there is air movement. YAY! If you can't tell, I am very excited the fans are finally in. We've only had them in boxes since 2010! There was one slip up but when you're dealing with electricity and adding a light switch, I'd rather have one switch turn on two different lights in two different rooms than someone get hurt. It's okay- it's not that hard to deal with but we do forget how often we use the hall light. We just chuckle when we realize why the hall light won't turn on. Oh well! That means Mom and Dad have to come up again!

Tim and Dad worked on the fans while Mom and I entertained Auggie at the mall, Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A. Auggie loves sliding head first down slides and crawling around in the playgrounds. He actually went all the way up (and down) the tall playground in Chick-Fil-A. He's not afraid of anything! There were about 15 kids playing on the playground at the mall. Two older girls (probably 7 or 8) were making sure all the little kids were taking turns going down the slide. I thought that was sweet. While we were at Chick-Fil-A, there were two brother (10 and 3). They were so nice to each other and to Auggie. They played with him for awhile and made sure he made it down the slide. It is so neat seeing Auggie want to interact with older kids.

We were having a such a good time, I completely forgot how mean some people can be. I guess it's not really being mean, just thoughtless, tactless, careless. I could go on. There were only two comments but they always catch me off guard. The one at the mall really caught me off guard. One of the girls that was helping the kids take turns was yelling (okay, really, talking loudly) to the girl at the bottom and told her "Here comes the one without any ears!" I'm sure she was just letting her know which kid was coming down. I guess that will be his identifier (has anyone seen "Easy A"?) when he's older if he doesn't get his ears done. The little girl said it twice. I tried so hard to not cry but those water works weren't stopping. Its really awkward walking through the mall attempting not to cry- Trust me. Thank goodness Mom was there to watch Auggie for a few minutes while I scolded myself in the bathroom for crying. We were in Hobby Lobby a while later when the next one happened. I knew some type of comment was going to come from the little boy who was staring at Auggie while we walked by... That's why I was listening to him as he leaned to his mom and asked what was on "that boy's head." His mom replied (nicely, I might add) she "didn't know. Maybe it monitors something but I'm not sure." The boy said "Well, I don't like it." I really wanted to turn around and say "WHAT?? You don't like it?!?! I don't like it either but it allows him to hear!" but instead I just kept walking. Ugh. I guess, people don't like what they're not familiar with. I know most people don't know what a BAHA is, I didn't even know what it was when we were told Auggie would benefit from them. Like I was telling Tim Saturday night before we went to bed. I don't think I'd have that much of a problem with it if people/kids would just ask in front of us. I have always thought of myself as a person people didn't talk about behind my back (not sure if its true but I've always felt that way)... I want Auggie to have that same feeling. I can't help but hope for that. So do me a favor... if you have kids or are planning on having kids, have them ask questions. If they ask you questions about someone, ask the person. Don't have the conversation behind their back when they're within speaking distance. I don't know if other people are like me, but I'd rather have someone ask than to just wonder. Would you want a stranger to ask you about your difference?

He loves playing with the LittlePeople track
Lindsay gave him last week

Someone found out how to take the
plug covers out! 

MMMM... Vanilla Yogurt!

Auggie likes to watch Finding Nemo.
He signs "fish" a lot

Our new fans and switch

He ate a whole waffle yesterday!

Dancing on the coffee table

Mr. Jonathan
I started to babysit him last week

putting a hat on his dog

At Gramma and Grampa's house

Hanging out with Uncle Kristopher

Going in the tunnel at the mall

Playing at Chick-Fil-A
Mommy had to go get him!

P.S. Did you see our new little Bio's on the right side of the blog? Cute, huh? I thought so too ;)


  1. That is so great that he advancing in his speech and sign! I always love speech. I wish I still had one and one speech. I always find words I have trouble pronouncing.

    I want people ask questions instead snicker behind my back. I would be okay with that. My mom raised me to ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask. That's how we learn. My Dad was raised pretty much like for example "Do it b/c I said so" "Be friends with her or him b/c you just should" He wasn't give explanations or reasons why and no one ask questions.

  2. Thanks for suggesting that we teach our kids to ask questions directly. I will be cognizant to teach Sammie - and I will always remember your story!!! :)


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