Thursday, January 12, 2012

NYE Pictures

I'm pretty sure I said it before but we rang in the new year in Giddings this year. We got to hang out with family and pop fire works! What better way to welcome 2012?!

We played a little Kinect for XBox 360 and then popped fireworks. Well, mostly watched the guys pop them. We started them early enough for the kids to see. Auggie liked them for the most part.

I'll leave you with some of my pictures. We got about 20 minutes from College Station when I realized I left both of my tripods! I was really disappointed but I did what I could when I tried to get some firework photos.

Tim and Auggie checking out the Christmas lights

Jacob lighting a sparkler

Laci and Auggie watching the fireworks


I just love Ben's face

this one reminds me of an angel

Sparkler love

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