Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Naptime Update

I can't believe I never posted pictures from our trip to see Santa Claus! College Station hosts Christmas at the Creek at Wolf Pen Creek the few weekends before Christmas. It was nice. They had free sugar cookies, live entertainment (all dance routines the night we went), free children's crafts, hay rides and food. Of course, Santa Claus was there! You could either pay $4 for a picture or you could take your own. They had the lighting way way way down- which was disappointing. I'm sure that encourages you to buy the picture instead.

Auggie did great with Santa! I was very happy. I didn't think he'd be too bad since he's usually okay with strangers.

The ceiling of the room where Santa was
Auggie was excited to see Santa Claus!


This is all he did

We might have figured out why Auggie has been so cranky since Sunday. I washed his Bear and Puppy (his wubbanub/pacifiers) Wednesday afternoon.  He dropped them on the floor in Los Cucos during dinner Saturday night with Kayla and Eric. (I posted a picture of his escapades with the chips on Tuesday) They have been attached to his mouth ever since he got them back. He had regular pacifiers the whole time but I guess Bear and Puppy make a difference. Sorry, bud! Now I'm not looking forward to when we have to take them away for good. Maybe they'll run away or go to the forest or something. HA!

Hopefully on Tuesday I'll be able to share some new information on Auggie's eating habits. We take him to see an occupational therapist Friday morning to see if they can help us. I got him to try a little bit of an Eggo waffle this morning. But of course, he just wanted to lick it or pick it to pieces and play. So we'll see what they say- I'm hoping its something that'll help because I'm tired of hearing "just keep trying, he'll eat one day."

Watching TV with Daddy.
So until, Tuesday! Have a great weekend!!

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