Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2 Down, 1 To Go!

Friday, we loaded up Auggie, Charley and Aussie and packed up the truck to spend the weekend in Giddings to celebrate Christmas with Tim's family.

We had Mommo's Christmas Saturday evening complete with a visit from Santa Claus! It was so great seeing all the kids excited about Santa coming. I got a little emotional when all the kids were around him because it brought on memories of missing it last year. I know, I know, everything is fine.

Sunday was the Siegmund Christmas. Everyone was able to make it- including Rick! It was a nice surprise seeing him. I know Ben and Jessica were really happy he was able to make it.

Jessica, Melanie, Stephanie and Tim singing "We 3 Kings." The version is from a Christmas special they liked growing up "A Claymation Christmas."

I have more pictures but haven't had the time to go through them - I do know I got some good ones, though. Here are a few from the weekend
Not wanting to pose for pictures on Thursday 

His head is under there somewhere

PawPaw swinging with Cohen, Libby and Ben

Auggie opening up his sit-n-spin from us

Playing with the chipmunk from Mommo
Monday we drove to Austin for Auggie's audiology appointment at 9 am. He got his bilateral BAHAs!! He wore them for about 10 minutes while we were in the audiologist's office. The appointment was running into his nap time since we woke him up early to get there in time so he wasn't too happy with us toward the end. The new BAHAs are smaller, lighter and use a different battery than the one we borrowed. It is just so great talking and not having to hear the feedback (buzzing) from the other one. We know Auggie likes them, too, because he'll wear them for longer periods of time. The first few times we put the headband on him, he clapped his hands. It was so great to see!

During the appointment, I sat with Auggie in a sound booth to see if he'd be able to localize noises and voices. In the video you can hear the audiologist talking but in the sound booth, her voice was coming from a speaker on the left and on the right. She would change which speaker her voice would come out of to see if he'd notice. Around 2:15 into the video, she changes to whistling and other sounds. I think he thought I was whistling around 2:20 into it.

The localization will come with time and hopefully having bilateral BAHAs, will help Auggie improve his speech and babbling. Any questions? I know a few people have asked but feel free to leave a comment, call or text us if you're wondering anything!

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  1. Loved watching the sound booth video and look forward to having a family gathering when he's wearing his BAHA's. :) What an awesome, awesome way to start the new year!! :)


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