Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BRRRR... It's Cold Outside!!

It's a whopping 36 degrees outside. BRRRRR!!! I am so happy it's finally cold out. I'm sure Auggie isn't too happy about it, though. He wants to go outside a lot. And by a lot, I mean, every time we open the front or back doors, he wants to follow and gets upset when he can't go with us. Once it's not so cloudy and damp out, then we'll spend more time outside.

Auggie learned a new word. I guess it's not an adult word, more like a baby word but he's learned "quack quack" for "duck." It sounds more like how he says "dog" but he goes "quack quack" when he is shown a duck and sometimes a bird. He's getting there though! We're working on getting him to sign "more," "mom," and "dad" more often. We're also working on "ball" and "book." (If you click on the word in quotations, it goes to a picture of how to sign that word.)

I guess the stage that comes after walking is climbing! I figured Auggie would want to get on the couch or on his rocking chair but I didn't think he'd want to stand on the arm of the rocking chair.... and the continue to attempt to climb over to the coffee table or the couch. He tries so hard to get across the one foot gap in between the furniture! He has gotten really bad that we have to be in the living room with him or else he'll be on top of the coffee table. Tim caught him the other night just before he did a back flip off the table. Auggie is such a daredevil!

Well, I'll leave you with some pictures from over the weekend

Avery (17mo) giving Auggie kisses

Avery (17mo) giving Auggie hugs
Ruby (12mo), Auggie (13mo),  Avery (17mo) and Paxton (17mo)

I made Dean a letter for his room for his birthday!

The mess he made at Los Cucos on Saturday

mmmm... chips!! All he wanted to do was crush them!

Hanging out under the bouncer watching out for the pups

He loves being under things

At Connor's first birthday party on Saturday

At the party with Joanna and Archer

I love how the boys were staring at each other

Trying to get in the toy box!

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