Thursday, December 15, 2011

Auggie's walking... Oh, Wait!

He's basically running!

I don't think I ever wrote down when Auggie officially started walking but he's pretty much up to a jog now. I never wrote it down because he was only taking a few steps here and there. Then he would crawl real fast to where he wanted to go. Well, I missed the opportunity and now he's well past walking! 

Auggie knows how to get onto the futon now. First he started by standing on his rocking chair and leaning over (and almost giving us hear attacks) to the futon. We have to keep our eyes on him constantly now. If he's quiet somewhere, we know he's doing something he shouldn't... or he's looking at a book.

All one year olds must go through the book phase. Auggie loves bringing us books and sitting in our lap to look at them. I'm sure he could look at them all day and never look at his toys. I hope that continues when he's older. His favorite book right now is called "Ten Little Dinosaurs." It has a pair of wiggly eyes one one side so each page has a dinosaur with crazy eyes. It's cute. I love listening to Tim read it to him because the variation is always different from how I read it.

Since he likes his books so much, I'm going to make him a "Book Nook." We have so many pillows that we don't use so I'm going to make a giant pillow case and put them in it in a corner in his room. I set the pillows there last night and this morning he was already laying all over them. I'm hoping I can make him a  little shelf for his books, too. I haven't figured out how the shelves will be just yet, but I have a few ideas. I'll be sure to share them once they're done.

We found out on Tuesday that Auggie's BAHAs are in!!!! 
The audiologist had been waiting for the soft band to be delivered. We have an appointment on Monday to pick them up. We are so happy! It took long enough, huh?? I'm disappointed Auggie won't have them for the first 2 Christmas celebrations this weekend but I guess what matters is that he gets two! Here's a short PDF highlighting the benefits of having bilateral BAHAs. Its a little wordy for me but the main benefit we're looking forward to is Auggie being able to localize where sound is coming from. Of course, localization is only possible if both cochlea are functioning properly. We're pretty sure his are. 

As of 1:00 pm Thursday...

Wherrrree's Auggie???

Actually sitting down. This look is because I told him "NO!"

All sprawled out and stuffy

He likes sitting in his toy bucket

Sitting in his soon-to-be Book Nook

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  1. I love all the videos! I bet he's really hard to keep up with now that he's faster on his feet! Go Auggie!


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