Friday, March 30, 2012

We're Back!

I took a longer break from the blog than I wanted to. I had planned to use Tuesday's nap time to edit some pictures and write but we came back from the gym to no power! I didn't realize it until I laid Auggie down for his overdue nap. Auggie likes for me to turn on his fan so he can sign "fan" and then go to sleep "listening" to his music and watching his 2-slide safari slide show... but there nothing happened when I turned the fan on! They didn't get the power back on until 6:30 pm! It didn't seem like it was an unexpected maintenance so I was little annoyed there was no notice.

The end of our Spring Break was great! I got to see my neighbor from La Porte get married. It was a beautiful wedding right off of Lake Lyndon B. Johnson. The weather was beautiful! And of course, it was great to see her and my neighbors from home on such a special occasion!

We also got to spend some time with Jessica, Rick and Ben. We were so thankful we were able to stay with them for the weekend. We spent that Saturday morning driving around the Hill Country and looking for bluebonnets so we could take pictures. Auggie didn't sleep too well while we were out so our days didn't start out too well... they were very sluggish (at least on my end).

Tim had a certification class for work that Monday through Thursday so I drove down to La Porte to spend some time with my family. I almost missed Jamie, Zach, Nathan and Zoe but luckily, we made it in time. We had a 20 minute overlap! That gave us just enough time to take pictures with Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman! I had thought we were going to miss the great photo op with the Great Grandparents and all of their great grandchildren in our family.

Jamie, Zach and family headed back to Krum later than expected (but thank you for staying!!) and our week of not sleeping well began. I was really hoping since Auggie was in a room by himself, he'd sleep better, but man, I was wrong! One of the nights he was up from 1-4 am. I even took him on a car ride at 3 to get him asleep. As I was getting him out, I dropped my phone, his blanket and pacifier and he was up again. Luckily, he was back to sleep when I laid him back down inside. That's the only reason why I'm not looking forward to Easter weekend.... he'll be sleeping in his pack-n-play again.

Nathan, Zoe, Grandma, Grandpa, Auggie, Cole and Drake

Auggie was a big fan of Robyn's wedding cupcakes!

at the park near the Battleship and San Jacinto Monument

After dinner with Sydelle and Shannon

My Uncle Steve got to meet Auggie for the first time

Well, enough of our boring lives, huh? You're here to read about Auggie!

He's eating a little bit more. Well, it's more like snacking but it is progress! He likes to walk around and eat. Really, the only thing he likes to do in his booster seat is sit in it to watch me cook or wash dishes.

Auggie has learned a few more signs! He's added "apple," "play," "dance," "water," and "frog" to his list! He's even gotten very forceful when he signs "car." Every time he sees a car, he has to sign it... even if it's a truck or a van. While we were at Lake LBJ, he kept signing cars when he saw the boats on the lake. Sometimes he signed water and car together. Such a smart boy, huh?

He's getting a little more vocal, too. No full words yet but he has different noises for different words. His speech therapist is really happy with his progression.

Auggie is also into a big boy car seat! He's been front facing since Saturday and loves watching the vehicles and the sky. We were going to wait until he was closer to 2 years old but Jessica and Rick gave us Ben's old car seat. Thanks!!

and onto our pictures from the bluebonnets!
a truck drove by so he was signing for us

Sadly, the pollen was really high so Auggie was sneezing quite a bit

Another truck went by 

I almost stepped on this little guy

Tim checked him
 Well, I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! Next week, I'll start back up with my Tuesday/Thursday updates.

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  1. Great update. I love all the bluebonnet pictures! Especially the one of Auggie rubbing his nose. So cute!

  2. I love the picture of Tim and Auggie walking in the Bluebonnets, and Auggie looks back to make sure you are still there. That was precious!


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