Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break

Auggie is getting in a lot of play time since its Spring Break. I've been babysitting a 20 month old girl this week. They get along great- I think its because of their opposite personalities. Auggie's very independent and she's, well, not. Maybe its the age difference? Maybe not. I do know he has enjoyed having other kids around. He's even started paying more attention to Jonathan... Just in time for him to move away.  Today was the last day I babysat Jonathan. We played on a blanket while Auggie brought toys to entertain all of us. It was cute. Thursday, he'll have another buddy to play with- Zane! Yep, that's right- I'll have 3 kids under 2 years old for a few hours. I'm not crazy... right??

Auggie giving Jonathan a good-bye "kiss"

Auggie enjoyed having the blanket laid out again

We discovered a new playground this week. Well, I knew it was there but didn't realize it was the perfect size for Auggie. Too bad it isn't more secluded so he'd actually play on it! He is so busy watching the birds, cars and trucks go by. We walked around the track this morning while he signed "bird" and "car" every time he saw them. There were a few other kids out this morning. Auggie was too busy with the birds and cars to play, though. One little girl (about 10 or so) asked if the thing on his head "helped his brain work." I kinda laughed at that one. I tried explaining it to her... I told her he was born without the holes in his ears so he couldn't hear as well as she or I could. So I told her the band helped him hear. As we left, she told me she hoped his ears got better. I'm not too sure if my explanation got through to her not. It was nice of her to say that though.

Celebrating Aunt Melanie's birthday on Sunday with ice cream

Waving to the cars and trucks

He wanted to be with the birds so bad but they kept flying away

playing in the hamper of canned food

Being in boxes is so "in" right now

Pull ups at the park with Daddy
Since the update has taken me literally all day to write, I'll leave you with some videos from Facebook. We have a very busy week coming up- babysitting, wedding and a visit from Auggie's Great Grandparents! There won't be any updates next week... Sorry- we'll just be too busy and not around a computer enough to update! Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Oh wow, he's a pro at that playground!! Love how he walks up the stairs and then slides down the slide. :-)


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