Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Enjoying the Outdoors

We had a great weekend full of sunshine and friends!

Saturday was the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt for the College Station Moms & Tots. It was a beautiful and very hot day but it seemed like the kids had fun. I'm sure we had over 200 eggs for the kids to find.  We usually have just the moms and kids when we get together so it was good to see the dads come out, too. 

Auggie was saying and signing "moon"

 Sunday was another nice day in College Station. We went to a little boy's 1st birthday party that afternoon and came home to pay in the sprinkler. The water is still a little cool but Auggie had fun watching it spray.

I know our beautiful days are numbered so we spent Monday morning at Tanglewood Park in Bryan with a few of the moms from the mom's group. It was a little breezy and the water was still too cold to really get into but the kids enjoyed it.
Zane and Auggie watching the bucket spill
We've been dealing with daily temper tantrums lately. My family jokes that they're pretty much the only thing Auggie inherited from me... I'm starting to believe it. (Apparently I had my own daily temper tantrums when I was younger). I don't mind when he throws himself down but when he starts banging his head on the tile and leaving bruises, that's when it's gone too far. I usually just set him down on the carpet when he gets really upset. We have no idea what to do to stop Auggie from doing it. Hopefully its just a phase and he'll be past it soon.... please pass it soon, Auggie!

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