Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rugby Alumni Weekend

The weekend went by way too fast! We got up to Nacogdoches around 2:30 Friday afternoon. We stayed with a couple rugby friends for the weekend. They're pretty much the last ones left! Next year we'll have to get a hotel room. Auggie got to experience some pool and ping pong at Flashbacks! I was a little hesitant about taking him since it is a bar and no one wants to be that person with the baby in a bar... but our group was the only group there for a while so we had to place to ourselves. I did see another mom with a little one there when we were leaving so I didn't feel too bad. 

Saturday was a rugby day! We spent most of the afternoon at the rugby pitch. I think Auggie enjoyed being outside! Auggie got to see another bar we hung out at while we went to SFA- Bullfrogs! He fell asleep in the truck on the way to the bar so we took him in his stroller. He slept for about 45 minutes. 

Poor guy! I'm sure his sleep schedule was all messed up over the weekend. Friday, he slept on the way to Nacogdoches and then fell asleep that night at 10:15. Saturday, he had 2 naps but nothing more than 1.5 hours. Sunday was a little better since we drove home but he's still getting used to it. And of course... on cue! Auggie just woke up from his nap so I'll leave you with some pictures from the weekend.

Kevin & Colin with Tim & Auggie

This is the ONLY picture I got of the boys in their matching shirts :(

Jamie, Colin, Auggie and Ashley

Coaching from the sidelines

Kansas and Auggie

Crash and Colin

Pizza popping into the picture

Past and Present SFA rugby players

"You have a baby... in a bar"
Auggie loved being able to touch the TV at Kansas' and Pizza's apartment 

Harlow (Kansas' dog) wasn't too sure about Auggie

Ed and Auggie at Bullfrogs

Auggie was happy to be home!

Still chewing! 2 teeth popped through last Thursday!

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