Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My little stinker took a 30 minute nap this afternoon! I thought I would have been able to sit here for a bit and write out a blog but it looks like it'll just be photos and a video.

Tim is out of town today until early early Wednesday morning. There was a siting of a female black bear near where Tim did his field work for his thesis. He went out with a few people this morning to set up some hair snares to see if they could ID her. It sounds like they're all pretty excited. Later, he has a public meeting where he'll be on a panel of experts... Tim an expert? HA! I'm glad he's doing well with work and everything, though.

and I guess I'll leave you with photos....

Chocolate syrup with a hint of pears for dinner

Standing up on PawPaw's legs

He fell out of PawPaw's legs and busted his lip

Watching birds

Fell and hit his head on the doorframe after the birds flew away


Look at that belly!

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