Tuesday, September 6, 2011

100th Post!

Click the photo to read my post about Craniofacial Acceptance Month

Wow! This is officially my 100th post! It only took me a little over a year to do but I'm so glad I have stuck with it! Too bad I can't say that with my personal paper journal. I really need to get back into writing more than once a month!
Leaning his forehead against Tim

His knee kept hitting the dog's foot and it kept making noise. Auggie didn't know what to do
I had a stuffed dog in my hand to play with Auggie... he crawled to me, took the dog and crawled away
He crawled under the exersaucer and behind the chair- of course, where he's not allowed to be!
MMMM... Camel's crinkly ear!
He hasn't quite gotten the idea of the push toy yet
He got ahold of Daddy's phone! Good thing he has an OtterBox!
Trying to figure out what I was doing on my phone
Auggie has started showing off his teeth! He has 6 on top and 2 on bottom that we can tell for sure. 2 of his top ones haven't been cut, though. You can definitely tell a difference in Auggie's mood when his mouth is bothering him. He has an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Austin in November so we'll see what she says about them then. Hopefully they won't be too much of a problem this young.

More and more of Auggie's personality is coming out. He is such a Daddy's boy! He gets upset when Tim leaves for work and gets really excited when he comes home. Tim can hardly go anywhere without Auggie on his heels!

I was about to take a picture of him and Tim walked through the door!
Auggie has started to let us know he's bored or upset by pulling on his BAHA. The headband is made out of elastic and Saturday, he found out the hard way how fast elastic snaps back when you let go of it. He has a little round bruise on his forehead and had a small knot because he snapped the band. He cried for a while but Tim gave him a bath shortly afterward. The bath definitely calmed him down. We're really hoping he stops pulling on it too much. I guess once he learns the BAHA is helping him hear, he'll stop messing with it. I'm hoping he learns that soon!
Do you see the knot?
I was going to leave you with a few videos but Facebook is not being cooperative so I'll leave you with Auggie dancing....

and Auggie's new chew toy

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