Wednesday, June 15, 2011

He's Growing Up So Quickly!

Auggie turned 7 months Friday, June 10.

I can't believe 7 months ago, we were in Austin with him! It seems so long ago. I've been reminded a lot of our time in Austin lately. Tim's cousin had her daughter on Friday. Little Maddie was born with a cleft palate. She's in the NICU. I've thought about them quite often. That's not a surprise any new parent wants to have. I know our surprise is always on my mind even though I try not to dwell on it. But enough of that... Please say a prayer for Little Maddie, Mallory and Jarrod as they go through this tough time. 

Another baby was brought into the family on Tuesday! Baby Joe Cole was born to Kalen and Joseph Tuesday morning! I am happy the new family is doing well!

Hopefully it won't be too long until Auggie can meet his 2nd (?) cousins!

and speaking of Auggie... He's been inch worming up a storm lately! He works his legs and feet really quickly but his arms haven't caught up yet. He'll watch our feet in the dining room while he's in the living room and eventually make his way to the dividing "wall." One of us usually catches up to him before he makes the move to climb into the dining room.

We've discovered he has an affinity for paper! I guess he is my son after all! :) While Laura (the AI sub for Melinda) was here for a visit on Monday, Auggie cried until he was able to play with a lime green sheet of paper. I kept moving it around the floor and he'd crawl to it pretty quickly. I kind of noticed it last week but this time he actually cried when I took it away! We've also noticed he has begun to cry when a toy is taken away. When Drake was here visiting Tuesday, he took away his Kitty and Auggie cried. Drake didn't want Auggie playing with his toy but Auggie really wanted to play with it!

He is definitely adding more character to his personality! He's also adding more hours to his time sleeping at night! It is amazing!! I feel so rested... well, sort of. I'm sure my body is wondering if I'm trying to play a trick on it.

Tim's 27th birthday was pretty low key. He took Darren to rugby practice and then we went to McDonald's with Darren and Kayla (our new neighbors!!). Happy Birthday, Tim!  lol It wasn't anything special but he got his Father's Day present early and an awesome card made by me. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want one of my cards??

We heard back from the insurance company about how much we'll owe for Auggie's BAHA. About damn time! Auggie's doctor originally said he'd more than likely have his BAHA by July. Well, it's the middle of June and we just now heard how much we'll have to pay. Now, we're just waiting to see if we should wait for the newest model to come out in July or if the current model is sufficient enough for Auggie's needs. AHH! Get on it already!

Well, I guess I'll leave you with some pictures and video. I feel like I'm forgetting to say something but I'm sure I'll remember it eventually. If not, then I'm sure it wasn't too important!

Getting up on his knees

Playing with a new toy

He's a cool dude

Playing with his new neighbor (aka Tim's Cousin), Darren!

mmm.. Maple syrup puffs

Gotta have those pacifiers handy... or footy

Peas were a no go. It was his first time to eat them.. or attempt to

Auggie was reacting to Tim singing the other night

Lunchtime with Auggie. He was being picky!

Auggie playing with Tim


  1. So cute!!! I didn't know Tim could sing....he's pretty good!

  2. It sure is amazing how fast time flies!


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