Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Auggie should get a Gold Star this Week

Not in sleeping, though.. but crawling and pulling up on everything! Monday morning he crawled across the living room to Tim without his belly touching the ground! Then after Tim left for work, Auggie pulled up on the coffee table completely unassisted! He is getting so good at the things he's been working on.

Our night times got significantly better before we went to Georgia. I'm sure Auggie didn't like sleeping in the pack-n-play but now that we're home he's sleeping better. Saturday night was a flashback from Auggie's younger days- he woke up about every 45 minutes to an hour crying. It was no fun. I'm sure Jessica and Ben didn't appreciate it either. I know if we stay home more often at night it'll get better. Thank goodness Giddings is only an hour away! Hopefully in the next week or so Auggie will get back to going to sleep around 9:30 pm and then waking up at 6 to eat and then going back to sleep until 10 am. That'd be nice! I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed. 

Meal time is a lot more productive. He eats his puffs after he eats some fruit. He's still not good at eating veggies yet. He gets more frustrated with them than the fruits, so I'll stick to fruits for a little bit more. I just need to get on a better schedule. How do you get on a schedule when you're not a routine type person?! It's frustrating but really annoying that I can't keep to a schedule. Any tips?

Auggie's working on his first tooth still. We think he's been teething for a few months now but you can see the little tooth trying to come up. There's a little white head on the bottom right. He has some days where he constantly has something in his mouth (hands, feet, paci, blanket or something!) and drools all over. Other days it doesn't even seem to bother him. 

We spent the weekend in Giddings with Tim's family. Darren, Tim's cousin/Giddings neighbor and our new neighbor in College Station, had his high school graduation party. It was a great night. I think Auggie enjoyed being outside with all his cousins and being passed around. I'm sure the next family gathering will be a busy busy busy one since he's already crawling.

I'll update again on Thursday with some more pictures... 

Bath time with Splinter at MawMaw and PawPaw's

Looking at the trees

Hanging out with PawPaw

Ben letting Aussie lick him

Big yawn

Ben imitating Aussie


Katie and Aussie

Auggie's first ride on the Gator

Fun ride!

Checking out the yellow button!

Playing peek-a-boo with Aunt Jessica

Giggling with Aunt Jessica

Auggie was fascinated with Ben

Crawling at MawMaw and PawPaw's

OOOOhhhh... Camera!

Pulling up on Mommy

Playing with the telephone

Can you hear me now??

OH! The camera again!

Check me out!


  1. Makes me miss SOOOO much my boys being this small and young.... thanks for sharing!!

  2. LOVE the pics!!!Love that big ol' smile! The fun has just begun now he's mobile! haha! ;-)

  3. Loved the pics on here...not just because I'm in them either. :) I can't get over how much Auggie has grown and changed each time I see him. He's such a great little guy.


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