Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's already a lonnnng day...

...and it's only 11 am! (as I type this any way)

Auggie is already down for a nap since he screamed for 10 minutes after  Tim left for work. Then screamed some more because he couldn't get his car through the chair.... So I won't get into any more details about today...

This is the car he tried pushing under one of our dining room chairs.. Don't think that fits, Little Bear!

Auggie is getting better at signing. He signs "hot" when we're messing with the microwave, stove, oven or toaster. He's also signing it when we have steamy food. Tim taught him "grass" and he's recognizing a crescent shape as "moon." This morning during his appointment with Melinda, he signed "cookie" then "eat"! He's only signed two signs together a couple of times. We're getting there! YAY!

Auggie signed "cookie" then "eat" after he heard the microwave go off with Tim's breakfast. Melinda noticed it and then we all kinda came to the same conclusion. I'm sure he wanted a waffle but he got a graham cracker instead. (our toaster broke sometime between breakfast Sunday and breakfast Monday) The other night he grabbed a snack pack out of the cupboard and actually wanted to eat it! We gave him a spoon, sat him in the high chair and the video below shows how well he did! Most of the time if he grabs something like that, he just wants to play with it.

ahhh... all done!

We went to the pool on Sunday. It was a little breezy so it made the water feel even colder. The water felt great once you warmed up to it but once you got out... BRRRRRR! Auggie wasn't too sure about it at first but when it was time to leave, he was not having it! We're planning on getting a family pass to the pool down the road from us so we can go anytime.

Auggie likes to stand with his hands behind his back

Tim had to work all day Saturday so I took Auggie to Liz's wedding shower in Sugar Land. We left  during what was supposed to have been nap time... but of course, that didn't work out. There were several times during the 1.5 hour trip when I looked back and saw his eyes almost closed and then something would catch his attention. By the time we got to Sugar Land, he was ready to be out and I was so worried about how his attitude was going to be once we got to the country club. But my worries were useless... Auggie was absolutely perfect! He loved the attention from all the women. He even showed off with his signs and even ate some watermelon and bunt cake! He was asleep in the car by the time we got to First Colony Mall.. For those of you who don't know Sugar Land... the mall is like 2 exits down from where we were! He slept most of the way home including the 45 minutes it took me to find a decently priced gas station and a Walgreens for money for the toll road. I was so happy the day went well... I didn't get to talk as much as I wanted but that happens when you're chasing around an almost 18 month old!

Auggie wanted to help with the presents

Such a tired Little Bear
Auggie absolutely loves being outside. I know that is probably one of the reasons he was so upset when Tim left this morning- he couldn't go outside. He saw a helicopter when we were out earlier and he got very excited. He heard it at first and kept looking around to find it. Once he found it, he signed "airplane" but I showed him "helicopter." He signed it after I did.

Cars and trains... and, well, anything he can roll have been his go-to toys lately. He likes to push them around outside, around the edge of the coffee table and even on the back support of our futon. He even started pulling pull toys (a wagon for his wooden blocks and a pull toy dog).

It sounds like Auggie is actually up so I will leave you with some pictures until Thursday!

I ♥ when he sits in his bucket like this

Mommy's a comfy couch

Big Bear!

We watched "Rio" Monday afternoon. Auggie got scared when the birds were caught by the poachers


  1. I have that same picture, picture baby Meg 30 years ago with cottage cheese all over instead of pudding! A is full of cuteness and abilities!

  2. He's getting so big!! Love Tim's pudding commentary too! lol I love how you catch his personality in so many of the pictures, he's such a funny little guy!


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