Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We celebrated Memorial Day weekend with a crawfish/shrimp boil on Saturday with some friends in College Station. Joanna and Richard bought about 30 pounds of crawfish but half of them ended up dead before we could eat them! We exchanged them for some shrimp so we boiled those, too. They were delicious. Thank you, Joanna and Richard, for having us!  

The kids had a blast with their blow up pool and little bounce house. This was the second year we went to Joanna and Richard's for Memorial Day. We missed a couple other families but  we still enjoyed the company.

Taylor started out the trend of sliding like this

Do your eyes hurt, yet? :)



Avery had a lot of fun posing for me



Go Go Go!

Oldest to Youngest

We've had a stressful beginning to this week for the whole family- witnessing a grandparent fall and a car accident! Thankfully, everyone is okay, but we're hoping the end of the week is a lot less stressful! Auggie hasn't been sleeping well and I'm sure that won't get better any time soon- we'll be out of town each weekend in June except for one!

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