Thursday, April 19, 2012

Milam County Nature Festival

Auggie got to spend his first full weekend away from me! It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be... Well, as long as no one brought him up. It was definitely hard to leave but it was good coming back. I spent the weekend in New Orleans with a few friends from SFA. It was an amazing (and exhausting) weekend but I am so glad I was able to go. I'd love to go back and I will as soon as I know someone who lives there!
My favorite artsy photo from the trip

Auggie spent the weekend with Tim. They went to the Milam County Nature Festival on Saturday. Auggie got to hang out with family while Tim worked the festival. These pictures are from Molly and Ray.

Playing with the Houston Toad exhibit toys

I can't believe we're already over half way through April. I'm ready for some pool time and maybe even trying out some potty training with this ^^ adorable little guy.

Monday, he went diaper free for an hour or two to air out his bottom. Poor guy is really really red (without going into too many details). Diaper changes have been full of screaming, running and squirming so being diaper free for a bit helped out a lot! I only caught 1 out of the 4 accidents he had. Oh well! It'll be a learning process for all 3 of us. Hopefully we'll have some mild weather before it gets too terribly hot so Auggie can hang out outside.

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  1. Colin gets real bad diaper rashes too... For him it all depends on what he eats, and I'm still learning what burns his bum.. Poor dudes. :-(

    Glad you survived your weekend away! That will be me this weekend and I'm a bit nervous!


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