Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who Knew Toys Would Save Your Sanity?

As I type at 6:50 am, Auggie is being lulled to sleep by a 2-slide projector and 10 minutes of music. THANK YOU, Fisher Price! Auggie really enjoys his crib toy- as seen HERE. The projector comes off so we've been laying it down on the bed so the slides are projected closer to Auggie's face. He usually falls asleep watching and listening to it, or so I think! ;) Auggie also loves his vibrating rocking chair. He can be so fussy in our arms and we can try consoling him by patting his butt or rocking him from side to side and then the moment we put him in his chair and turn it on, the little boy is silent! Thank you, Aunt Karen, Uncle Myron, Uncle James and Aunt Kathy! We received two of them so y'all all get credit for the awesome gift!

Sorry for not posting Friday or Tuesday. My mom came in Thursday afternoon and we had planned on going shopping all day Friday since Tim went down to south Texas to go hunting. I woke up around Auggie's 3 am feed and I had a fever- I felt terrible! I was all achy and cold or super hot. Around 9 am, I took my temperature and it was 100.4... later on it got to 100.7 so I laid around or slept for most of the day. Thank goodness my mom was here! And, well, the weekend, Monday and Tuesday just flew right on by- our blog wasn't on my mind much!

I tried getting a good picture of Auggie holding his head up but he was just too close
As I said before, my mom came in Thursday and spent most of Friday with us.It was nice having her back in town! Sunday, Tim, Auggie and I went out to Tim's deer lease near Madisonville. It was our first trip out as a family- well, besides doctor visits! It was nice. Auggie doesn't mind being in his carseat so we didn't have too much of a problem there. He didn't even mind going over the ruts in the ground! You should feel how huge they seem when you're in the truck.

Our trip to Austin on Monday brought some good news- We don't have to go back to that specific doctor until March! We saw the craniofacial surgeon who thought Auggie was doing great. He was happy for us that things were going so well. We met Auggie's dentist who is in the same office as the craniofacial surgeon. She'll be with the team of doctors Auggie sees so she can oversee the health of his teeth and make sure he doesn't have unnecessary procedures done. We won't see her for another 6 months to a year. We also met with the speech therapist that works on the team. She'll help Auggie develop speech correctly. Apparently, we'll have to see her once a week when he's older- never thought I'd see Austin that much! We won't see her again until he's 18 months old... unless he's not babbling like he should when he hits the right age.

Our friend, Liz, stopped by on Monday. It was so nice seeing her! We wish she could have stayed longer! Auggie liked her pretty quickly. He only fussed a bit but I'm sure that was normal. :)

Liz holding Auggie
Well, I'm off to bed again. I'll post a few more pictures on this update this afternoon.

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