Thursday, December 9, 2010

Officially 2 weeks at home!

Auggie is a 1 month old! I can hardly believe it! He has been doing well.

Last Wednesday we went to Austin to see the Craniofacial Surgeon... Well, we didn't see him but we did see a nurse that worked with us while we were in the NICU. The 2 hour drive and visit seemed like a waste of time- it was just like his pediatrician visit a few days before. They weighed him, measured him and asked how he was eating and sleeping. They're concerned with how much he is eating versus the amount of calories he burns while trying to eat. He has a sub-mucous palate (Here's a little information about it) which can make it hard for him to suck efficiently on a nipple. Tim & I can tell that he has gained weight because he has developed a double chin (poor baby gets it from my side of the family). We left Austin with the same information we went in with, so there's no big news there. We go back after Christmas and we'll definitely be seeing the doctor.
Jamie & Zach came for a visit Sunday. They couldn't stay long since they had Nathan, but at least Jamie finally got to see him!

A week ago today, Auggie had another doctor's appointment back at the pediatrician's office. This time it was a regularly schedule appointment for little boys (a circumcision for those that don't know)... Poor thing, we felt SO bad when we brought him home. We could tell he was worn out from his procedure- he slept the whole evening only to wake up (sort of) to eat.
Auggie in his vibrating rocking chair- he loves it!
My mom came in from Houston Wednesday night to spend a few days with us. It was nice having someone around. Tim & I kept up with Auggie for the most part. We did let my mom have him for the most part Friday night. It was nice sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time and actually together!
One morning

Monday morning, Auggie had an appointment with an audiologist in College Station. Too bad the hospital didn't inform them of his hearing tests that he failed while admitted. The audiologist had the wrong procedure scheduled so we basically went in to chat for about 10 minutes, scheduled an appointment for Tuesday with a pediatric ENT and then left. Good thing we only live like a mile from the office.

Mommo feeding Auggie, her 19th great grandchild!

Tuesday's appointment with the ENT went okay. We did find out Auggie will be able to get his headband hearing aid in a couple months (Here's a picture of a boy with a headband). The audiologist we talked to told us a bunch of moms have made their own headbands to match outfits and have rockets or something along those lines. I could imagine doing all sorts of cutesy headbands for a little girl... Auggie? Not so much. Tim said we could get really creative and have bunny ears for Easter. Funny, huh?

Sleeping well for Gramma

On Wednesday, Auggie turned a month old! I can hardly believe it (oh, did I say that already??) I was planning on taking pictures of him but he hasn't been very happy lately. Tim said he did well while I slept (figures, huh?) but I didn't want to upset him 
Mommy playing with Auggie

Having visitors is always something to look forward to! Sunday, our friend from SFA, Kansas, came by. It was so good to see him! Tuesday, Tim's cousin, Kayla, stopped by on her way home from class. I keep getting texts and FB messages from people asking about visiting.. and we're all about having people over! Like I said on Tuesday on Facebook, our house may not be spotless and I could still be in my PJs but having people over is always nice! Same goes with calls- no, we're not that busy. If we are, we won't answer, trust me. We've been trying to get as much sleep as possible so that we're not biting each other's heads off. ;) If we're sleeping we won't answer... but really, if you want to call or text, please do! We'd love to chat!

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