Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafty Friday- Simple Handmade Gift Tags

To satisfy my need to be crafty, I'm going to start posting crafty things on Fridays! I'll come up with a more clever title for Fridays soon. :)
So here's my first Crafty Friday!

Most of you know I enjoy making giving gifts- especially when I can get creative with the wrapping. Since August has arrived, all my crafting supplies have been packed away neatly in his closet.

This year, instead of focusing on the whole package, I just made gift tags. They're really easy to make.

Card stock, Paper Cutter (or scissors if you can cut in a straight line), Adhesive, Hole Punch, a Simple Stamp, Acrylic Block (if you have an acrylic stamp), Ink Pad and a Marker

 Step 1: Cut card stock down to size. I started out with an 8"x8" piece and cut it into thirds. The pieces were approximately 2.67" by 8".
 Step 2: Fold card stock in half and place your adhesive just below the fold line. Make sure there is a sharp crease in the fold and press the two sides together.
 Step 3: Use your hole punch and punch 2 holes at the top of the card near the fold line. The adhesive will keep the 4 individual holes together and make it easier to attach with ribbon.
 Step 4: Create a crisp fold just below the 2 punches. Keep in mind where you placed your adhesive to make sure it isn't exposed by the fold.
 Step 5: Ink your simple stamp and stamp it onto the front of your card. Stamps are usually expensive but the simple stamp I bought was only a $1at Wal Mart a few years ago. I have noticed lately Michaels has had some cute stamps for only $1. I'm sure you can look at a dollar store, too!
Step 6: Use your marker to add a little note on the front if you'd like. Add who the gift is to on the inside of the gift tag.

And that's it! Six simple steps! Of course, you can dress it by adding embellishments, glitter and even patterned paper but if you can't spend much, like me, these are perfect!

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  1. Hey we have the same paper cutter! (I actually have three, but who's counting? :) )


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