Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mommy and Auggie's "day" together

Tim went into work today to get some paper work done... It's not really a full day together, more like 3-4 hours. :) Auggie was up for a little bit so I was able to take some pictures of him. Can't believe he'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow (and a MONTH next week!).
Our future Lumberjack! 
Auggie had his 2 week appointment with his pediatrician Monday morning. He is up to 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 inches long. She'll be able to get all of our referrals for his Austin doctors. Good! I had my 2 week check up- nothing special there.. It took us 45 minutes of waiting to see my doctor for 10 minutes and more than half of it was spent talking about Auggie and boobs (and not mine, trust me). lol! Alll Tim's fault on that one!

My doctor was talking about how he looked up pictures of the syndrome Auggie has and how all the pictures looked a lot worse than Auggie's features. Well Tim chimed in about how even if you Google "Boobs" its going to come up with the worst possible pictures- like Size F's. Then my doctor went on talking about how if you search for "boobies" on Amazon, it'll come up with books on birds (you know, the blue footed boobie??)... Nice to know my doctor is THAT kind of guy, right? And then the conversation turned to me.. for 2 minutes and then we said bye! I go back in 4 weeks. WOO HOO... (btw, I still love my doctor)

I think Auggie has officially gotten his nights and days mixed up. He was up from 3 to about 8:30 this morning. He was not a happy camper, either. We couldn't figure out what was wrong until I picked him up- He LOVES being picked up. *shrugs* We'll see how tonight goes.

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