Thursday, July 15, 2010

We're finally in!!

We moved into our side of the duplex yesterday (Wednesday)! Jane & Sherwin came up from Giddings with a trailer to help us move our stuff over. Luckily, it was only 5 blocks from the old place to the new one. We still have a few things to move over but we'll do that next week. The inside is all painted- Tuscan Beige- with white trim. We have a pretty green wall in our room. We're going to leave August's room plain since I have an idea of how I would like to decorate it once we get his crib. We spent our first night last night.. Boy! What a difference! Tim came home from work this afternoon and we could actually talk to each other from the kitchen to the living room without yelling or saying "HUH??" The old place was too closed in.

We went to the doctor on Tuesday for a regular check up. Dr. Meduna said everything looked good. He even commented that I still had ankles! YAY! He also said that it looks like it's a normal, healthy pregnancy and baby! I haven't had access to a scanner to scan the last ulatrasound picture but here are a couple from the 20 week ultrasound:

This one is of his head (the round part) with his hands to his mouth (like sucking his thumbs or praying).
This one is of his hand fully extended (like a wave) near his head.

I guess I better get back to unpacking!

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