Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slowly but surely, things are getting settled

Tim and I had a nice weekend. Tim went bow fishing in Johnson City with his cousins, Joseph & Jordan. I went to La Porte to get my registration done on my car (finally).

Drake (16 months) and Nathan (17 months) sitting in the living room at home. Jamie spent the week in La Porte and got to see what its like to have twins! LOL

Tim took the Canon to Johnson City so he could show me what it was like. Here's one of his pictures.

While Tim is working this week, I'll hopefully be able to get the house in order. While in La Porte, Mom, Jamie and I decided to take a trip up to Ohio next week. We'll probably leave Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning (we'll see though). We'll be back August 5th.. Just in time for our busy August weekend schedule to start (Fredy & Jenna's wedding!!).

Back to unpacking/organizing!

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