Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"I Know... I Know"

I know, I have been slacking in the update department but... "I know" is also Auggie new phrase! Well, it's really the only consistent and clear 2-word phrase he has. I'm pretty sure it started from me saying it to Drake when he asked questions last week. He sounds so cute when he says it.

We've been pretty busy here lately. I knew June was going to fly by because we went out of town every weekend... but July went by just as quickly. We've had a lot of unexpected trips. I can't believe it's already August!

To recap our July:

We celebrated the July 4 holiday in Giddings and Round Top. Auggie enjoyed the parade in Round Top. What was there not to like- candy, horses, cows, cars and tractors! Auggie loved all of it.

(click on the photo to increase size)
First Row: Playing with one of Tim's old toys; Signing "horse" at the parade
Second Row: Petting a bunny; Waving to the people in the parade
Third Row: Riding the hobby horses with Daddy; Tossing rocks
Fourth Row: Riding the hobby horses with Mommy; The family
The next week, Auggie & I were sick. Nothing serious, just a summer cold, I'm sure. Tim let me sleep it off. I was very thankful for that. I felt better just in time for us to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Tim surprised me with a trip to Fredericksburg while Jessica and Ben watched Auggie. We had a great and very relaxing day!
(click on the photo to increase size)
First Row: Auggie and Ben playing trains; part of Pedernales Falls
Second Row: Our sleeping arrangements; Auggie wearing large sunglasses
Third Row: Tunnel Cave for a bat emergence; Tim & I
Fourth Row: Being goofy with MawMaw; Auggie playing with a popgun

Shannon's (one of my best friends) birthday was on the 24th so I surprised her the weekend before her birthday. Little did she know, she also got surprised by her boyfriend, Cole... He asked her marry him during her birthday celebration at the beach. (She said yes, by the way!)

(click on the photo to increase size)
First Row: Sydelle, Shannon and Me; Cole & Shannon about to be surprised
Second Row: Auggie in the front seat of the car; Playing at the pool
Third Row: New sippy cup!; Auggie LOVES stickers
Fourth Row: a pool side snack; Pretty flowers taken by Tim
In between going out of town, Auggie and I spent a few days at the pool. He enjoys going down the slide on his stomach even though the lifeguards try to keep him from doing it. Auggie has also found another thing he can't get enough of- STICKERS! His speech therapists have gotten him hooked on them. He likes to put them on his hands and then put them on me or Tim. It's pretty entertaining and luckily, for me, it'll keep him still. I've gotten through Wal Mart with him absorbed in a sheet of Thomas the Train stickers. Whatever works, right??

Things will be slowing down some more so I'll get back into the routine of updating more. 

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