Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"I Love You"

Auggie is getting more and more verbal. I don't know if it is his speech appointments at work or if it's just his age... Whatever it is, I love hearing him speak. Tuesday morning Auggie said "waffle." I stopped what I was doing because I so excited. He, however, was very excited about his waffle for breakfast! He's not using the "b" or "p" noises I try to work on but it's a new word! Tim and I have also been working on saying "I love you" more. We'll say it and then sign it and he'll copy the inflection of our voices and shake his hand at us. I shake my hand when I sign "I love you" so he recognizes that I'm trying to get him to look at my hand.

Auggie's speech appointments have been going well. He sees two different therapists- one specializes in cleft palates (Thursdays) and the other one specializes in younger kids (Mondays). Auggie seems to enjoy the lady he sees on Mondays more because he usually talks up a storm with her and actually plays with her and the toys she brings out. We'll continue to go until November or until we don't think its helping anymore... We'll see which one comes first.

Auggie and I spent the weekend in La Porte so we could attend the Microtia picnic (click the link for more information on the ear condition). It was great meeting everyone there. I met two craniofacial doctors- one from Boise, Idaho and the other from San Antonio. I really wish Tim was there to meet them because I'm awful at coming up with questions. He wasn't able to go with us (he had to stay here while our tenants moved out) but I know he would've enjoyed it and asked the appropriate questions. It rained (or threatened to rain) the whole time we were there so the kids couldn't play much. I'm hoping the picnics continue because they're a great opportunity for Auggie to meet other kids.

We'll be celebrating the 4th of July in Round Top and Giddings. I'm hoping Auggie will enjoy the parade in Round Top and the fireworks later tonight. So there should be lots of photos next week! Hope everyone has a safe 4th of July.

(click on the photo to increase size)
First Row: Microtia Picnic Webster, TX; Pudding for lunch
Second Row: Smiling with Scout; Super happy about his Sonic drink
Third Row: Tensing up for laughs; Playing with Drake
Fourth Row: Pretending to play with trains; Sleeping at the foot of the bed

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