Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back by Popular Demand ;)

I'm still slacking on keeping Auggie's blog updated.. Sorry to everyone who reads! I'm thinking about going back to writing twice a week so I can get everything in. I'll get back on track, I promise!

Speech has been going very well for Auggie. We're down to one time a week since the therapist doesn't have any openings that work with Auggie's schedule. But Tim and I are working with him every day so it hopefully won't be a problem. Auggie's been picking up words left and right. But when I say "picking up," most of the time his words are mimics.. not exactly straight forward. He's still trying, though! Here are a few videos of him talking....

Auggie learned how to say and sign"orange." It's one of his favorite colors to say now.

Auggie going through one of his favorite books with Mommy

Auggie also learned how to say Grampa's favorite phrase! ;)

Signing is also going well. He's learning his colors- "blue," "yellow," "orange," "green," and "red." And he can point them out, too! Well, most of the time anyway! I taught him how to sign "police car" the other day because there have been quite a few around lately. He's also really using his hands to communicate and we think he's making up his own signs. 

It finally cooled down this week and by "cooled down," I mean, it's finally in the low 90's. It was hard keeping Auggie inside during the day so I finally made a little toy to keep him busy and cool when we went outside. I found this before Pinterest made its debut and couldn't wait to try it out. You take a container, fill it with water and put a few water safe toys in and then freeze it. Once it is frozen, you take it outside and have the kids play with it. I eventually got out a real hammer to see what Auggie would do with it but he wasn't too interested in the hammer. He had more fun throwing the big block of ice around on the driveway!

(Click on photo to enlarge)
First Row: Auggie playing with stickers; Auggie wearing his sunglasses
Second Row: Eating bread at Cotton Patch; Eating Gogurt
Third Row: First time in a car cart; Chilling with Aunt Kayla at Cotton Patch
Fourth Row: Milk before naptime; He loved the big red truck at the NWTF Banquet
We went to the National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet Tuesday night. Tim's a committee member so he was up there working. Auggie and I couldn't stay long because Auggie wanted to be held by Tim the whole time... Either that or getting into the games he was too young to participate in. Auggie also all about the red Toyota Tundra and glittery fishing boat on display. We left after dinner but missed all the live auction excitement. Kayla and Darren were home with their parents, Darrell and Sheila, so we visited with them for a while. Auggie was perfect while we sat at dinner with them at Cotton Patch. He actually ate a little more than half of a roll! I was super happy for him! I'm sure he was being so good because he was the center of attention. He's going to be such a ham when he gets a little older!

Well, I'll have a bit more of what Auggie's been up to next week! Enjoy your last weekend in August!

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