Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time away from Mommy and Daddy

June is a very busy month for us and I can't believe it's almost over! We've had something planned every weekend and most of the events required us to drive to Dallas or Houston. Luckily, we have awesome friends and family so we didn't have to do any hotels.

We celebrated the upcoming arrival of Jenna & Fredy's little girl the first weekend in June. Auggie got to play with Colin during the shower. I can't believe how big both of them have gotten! It was great seeing a bunch of our friends from SFA. We stayed with my sister and her family. Auggie enjoyed playing with his cousins, too. We were also able to see my Uncle Steve and Aunt Lisa. They had just moved from Indiana!

I already posted about Auggie's first circus trip. That was a good weekend. I stayed home all day Saturday while Tim took Auggie and Jacob to Molly & Ray's. They had a great time outside fishing and gathering wild flower seeds. I'll get those pictures together for next week's post. I actually cleaned the house and got things (somewhat) organized. Of course, it's all back to where it used to be- everywhere!!

On June 16th, we celebrated the love of Liz & Kansas at their wedding! It was another day full of SFA and Rugby friends. Tim's parents watched Auggie while we spent the night in Richmond. I'm sure Auggie hardly missed us- he had a blast with his cousins, aunts and uncles, MawMaw & PawPaw and extended family. Jane and Sherwin took him to Tim's cousin's son's first birthday party so Auggie was able to run around with lots of kids his age. Apparently, he really enjoyed the kid-sized gator... I'll definitely look into one for Christmas or his birthday.

The next weekend, Auggie got to hang out with his Aunt Lindsay and cousins, Drake and Cole, while Tim and I watched the USA National Rugby team play Italy at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston. It was great being surrounded by thousands of rugby fans even if it was a little hot. Auggie had a good time with them and even ate noodles and bread for my sister! How awesome is that?!

I was very nervous about leaving Auggie so much while Tim & I went out.. mostly because his tantrums are epic and long and he's hardly ever away from me. BUT from what I've heard, he's done so well. That makes me happy that he is comfortable around our family.. even without us! I know I am so grateful we have family close enough to babysit Auggie.

I'll leave you with photos from our weekends away. July will be a better blogging month... I promise! ;)

First Row: Tim & I at BBVA Compass Stadium; Auggie eating bread and noodles
Second Row: Naptime on the way home from Houston; Playing at a cousin's 1st birthday
Third Row: Playing with one of many blankets!; In the pool last Saturday
Fourth Row: Playing with a maze toy; Tim and I at the wedding

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