Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Blog Layout :)

After I got my iMac, I got on our Blog and saw there was an AWFUL color... that yellow color? ullg.. Why didn't anyone say anything? It looked more like an off white on my laptop- my poor poor laptop. Well, hopefully, the red is a little better :) What do you think?

I had my 28 week Doctor's appointment yesterday! It went well. No ultrasound this time- I definitely miss those appointments- but he did listen to Auggie's heartbeat for a little bit. It sounded great. What I do love about the dopplers is that when I felt Auggie kick, you could hear a "BLOOP!" I got to hear it three 3 times in a row. :) After being in the doctor's office for a while, I went down to the lab to get my Glucose Test done- a.k.a they screened for Pregnancy Diabetes. It was a nasty drink- kinda tasted like flat & super sugary Orange Soda. And I kinda liked Orange Soda until I drank it :( I waited an hour- more like an hour & fifteen minutes- got my blood drawn and was sent on my way. I'm supposed to hear back today if I failed it. The girl in the office said if she didn't call today then that means I most likely passed. **EDIT- Still no call on Wednesday**

and here's the latest Belly pic...

I'm off to Hobby Lobby & Michael's to shop for Auggie's baby book! :)


  1. Hmmm you seem kinda big for 28 wks? HA HA just messing with you. You look great! See you tomorrow!!

  2. Such a cute baby belly! Hope all is well in CS! :)

  3. pshhh that's what i look like now, and i'm NOT preggers! haha baby bumps are super cute


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