Monday, February 22, 2016

The Weeks Are Flying By!

"Look, Mommy! I have a beard!"
The past few weeks have been pretty busy for us. But who am I kidding? All of our weeks tend to fly by.

We spent the Friday before Valentine's Day at a Duck's Unlimited banquet. It's nice to see so many people turn out for a great organization like DU. The food is usually great and the things they auction off are pretty neat. Auggie found a camo backpack that he really liked. Tim bought 5 raffle tickets so he put all 5 tickets in for 1 of the 5 backpacks... He won the first 2 drawn! The smile on his face when he walked up to me after winning them was priceless. He asked if one could be his school backpack.

All decked out in camo.
We spent last weekend daydreaming about living in Nacogdoches (where Tim and I both went to college). I showed Auggie all around campus while Tim was in a meeting with some of the current players and alumni from the SFA Rugby team. Campus was full of prospective students and their parents since it was Showcase Saturday. Auggie liked running around the pine trees, up the stairs of the Austin and Rusk buildings, chasing the squirrels and picking up pine cones. We watched a rugby game, walked around Tucker Woods, ate some Nac BBQ and Italian food and then headed home. It was a beautiful day for a short trip.

Family selfie at Tucker Woods
Axe Em Jacks!

Tim and Auggie outside the Forestry Building
Always have to get that pine tree shot in the Piney Woods!

At Aussie's spot on the LaNana Creek

Auggie wanted to hang up his pine cone. He was a litttttle excited.

School continues to go well. Last week they went to both Lowe's and Home Depot. Each kiddo got to build a race car and a spinning container. Auggie was very proud of his creations.
At Lowe's last week for a class field trip.
And what school year is complete without the annual giving of Valentine's? I wouldn't be a typical mom if I didn't go too far with his Valentine's either.  Well, this year, it was just messing around on the computer and camera but Auggie was happy about the theme and couldn't wait to give his cards out. They were Cut the Rope theme- an app he is very obsessed with. He had his very own Om Nom (the green guy) and those little poppers you flip inside out and let pop in the air. He thought they were great.
Auggie's valentines turned out great. He was very excited about them
Thankfully his teachers didn't go all out about Valentine's Day. They read 2 books, Not a Box and Pete's A Pizza. The kids got so animated with the books. It was fun to watch. After the first book, the kids got to decorate their own "Not A Box." Auggie's was a car.
Pretending to drive his Not A Box

Playing outside during his Valentine's Day party

And big news in the Siegmund household... We officially have a soccer player! Auggie started practice last week. It'll be a big difference not being able to go out of town every weekend since he'll have soccer games on Saturday mornings. So far we've learned he dribbles well but doesn't pass to his teammates. I'd say for the first practice, he did very well!

Before his first soccer practice
 And I'll leave you with a photo that gets Auggie giggling every time he sees it! He likes to scroll through the filters on SnapChat (an image sharing app). They have all sorts of things for videos and regular photos. He thinks they're all hysterical.


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