Monday, February 1, 2016

Auggie's Animal Adventures

Auggie is well into his last semester in HeadStart. He's usually so eager to get to school, see his friends and teachers, run around and learn at school. It's amazing how many questions he asks and he's always wondering what's going on the next day.

HeadStart has been a great setting for him. He's 1 of 17 kids in his class and from the times I've visited his room, he enjoys all of it! They've gone on a few field trips since the beginning of the school year including one of the local airports, Blue Baker- a local bakery and restaurant, the Children's Museum, a fire station and the Farm Patch to see their awesome pumpkin patch.

Two weeks ago the class had a special visit from the Reptile Lady (I'm not too sure what she calls herself but just go with me). She brought in several species of snakes and a few types of lizards. Needless to say, Auggie though it was all amazing! I'll let the pictures do the talking on this one....

Our little snake charmer
It's not fun until you have a snake on your head!

Ms. Pace and Auggie
The snake was trying to get a bit more comfortable

Auggie though it was funny when the snake pulled his BAHAs down

Auggie is all about animals and weather and vehicles and well, everything he can learn about. He's been a bit fan of the PBS TV show, The Wild Kratts, for a couple years now. It was created by Chris and Martin Kratt, two brothers who are biologists. They had a TV show when I was younger called Zaboomafoo. I remember watching it so I was excited about their newer show and even more excited that Auggie was interested in it. In the last year, he's gotten even more into the show. He dressed up at Chris Kratt in his Creature Power suit for his Halloween themed birthday party.

Well, the Kratt brothers have also started a tour of the show called Wild Kratts Live! We missed out on it last year when they came to College Station but thankfully Melanie (Tim's sister) told us about their show being in Austin. We were able to get seats near Melanie, Corey, Cohen, Libby & Micah. I think the kids had a great time. It took Auggie a little bit to get into the show but he definitely enjoyed it. Tim and I even enjoyed the show. It was great hearing all the kids interact with the Kratt brothers. And like Tim said while we were there, he would have never thought almost 800 kids would know what a Caracal was! The kids had to guess and there were SO many kids who had the correct answer.

Kelsey, Auggie, Tim, Micah, Cohen, Libby, Corey & Melanie

During intermission

Hopefully this will be the first of many updates. Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures.


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