Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You've Got a Friend in Me

Auggie's been seeing more of his friends lately. He has such a good time being around other kids even if he suffers from the "only child" syndrome once in awhile. He's not a big fan of sharing his toys.. or anyone else's. He's learning, though! He let a 10 month old play with his book this morning at Mainly Music. Baby steps, right??

I've been watching Paxton and Reagan every so often so Kristy can run some errands. Paxton walks around calling Auggie "Sir" since I say "no, sir" to him quite a bit. It is so cute! Auggie likes playing with Paxton even if he doesn't play dress up. I'm looking into getting some dress up clothes since Paxton asks to put dresses on him. As much as I think it'd be funny to see, I won't put Auggie through that! Paxton's little sister, Reagan, has fun with the older kids, too. I know both Pax and Auggie like pushing her in circles in her walking toy. They first time they did it, I about had a heart attack, though. They went a little too fast for my liking.
Auggie and Miss Paxton (February 8)

Auggie wanted to push Reagan around her
toy so bad! (February 8)

Paxton and Auggie playing peek-a-boo (March 21)
 Paxton and Auggie together is completely different from Zane and Auggie together. It must be a boy thing! They are constantly on the move- chasing after each other, going in opposite directions, playing in dirt or with their trains. But they get along so well. Hopefully that will continue!

We got a babysitter (well, 2 sisters actually) to watch the boys one night so Jen & Dan and Tim & I could have a crawfish date! Jen and I figured since the boys were together, we'd give the girls the advantage so they couldn't gang up on just one babysitter. We went to Shipwreck Bar and Grill in Bryan to enjoy a few pounds of crawfish and a couple drinks. One of the first things the babysitters said was "Auggie is fast!" We had a good laugh about that. The boys had a good time together and were actually in bed when we got home. It didn't last long- Auggie was crawling out as soon as I got to the door. But I'd call it a successful night.
rub a dub dub, two boys in a tub

watching the ducks at Brother's Pond Park


Auggie pouting while Zane played with his truck

They both got in there without help

Getting out was a different story!

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