Thursday, February 21, 2013

Keeping Up With Auggie

I feel like that's all I've been doing this week... Just keeping up with Auggie. I got sick Monday and thankfully, Tim had off so he could spend the day with Auggie. I don't know what it was but it was all the sudden here with a bang! I slept almost 18 hours on Monday. Other than feeling awful, it was so nice to sleep that much!

Auggie has been doing pretty good when it comes to eating lately. I'm hoping he continues to do well for awhile so he gains a little bit on his growth chart. He sees his new dietician again in April. He stayed in proportion when we saw her at the beginning of February so it's not like he's doing horrible... He's just doing better than he was.

Auggie actually had his first full meal ever on Tuesday. 4 fish sticks with ketchup, 2 spoons of peanut butter, a pouch and a half of a homemade fruit smoothie and a pouch of fruit snacks.. I definitely call that a full meal for Auggie!

Auggie's been into those squeeze pouches that are oh so popular (and pricey). You're supposed to throw them away within 24 hours after opening and so much goes to waste so I finally bought some. I found them last month on a discount site and they finally came in last week. I made a strawberry banana and yogurt smoothie for him on Monday and he's eaten about 3 packs worth of it. Better than letting 3 pouches go to waste. Does anyone use pouches? Got any good recipes? I figured if Auggie keeps eating well enough, I'll introduce some veggies. We'll see how that goes!

Snack time at Mainly Music.
He ate 3 grapes, a strawberry, animal cracker
and 3 pretzels! :)
Yep.. we're still on bottles :(
Showing off his powdered donut and saying "cheese!"
He just HAD to eat a banana at Wal Mart on Monday
No Cheeto fingers for this little boy! He kept wiping his fingers and getting another one

I posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago about how much I can't stand not having an official diagnosis on things. I'm pretty sure we'll have quite a few of those as Auggie gets older. I took Auggie to the pediatrician at the beginning of February or end of January to get his eye looked at. He smacked his face against one of our dining room chairs during the week between Christmas and New Year's and nothing showed up until about 2 weeks later- a little knot formed on his eyelid. For a couple weeks it came and went. Most of the time it looked like he had a slight black eye but we weren't too concerned because he never complained about it.

One morning he woke up and his eye was a little gooey so I made an appointment for 2 days later (that's as soon as we could get in... good thing it wasn't urgent). Auggie's pediatrician said the same things as Tim and I did- his eye ball didn't look like it was being affected and he didn't act like it hurt. She said maybe a hair follicle got plugged when he hit his eye on the chair in December so she prescribed him an antibiotic and a topical ointment. I am so happy Auggie has been a healthy child so far- getting him to take his antibiotic was a huge pain!

His eye seemed to get better and then one morning it was all purple and huge! Tim was able to get a close look and Auggie had scratched it during the night. OUCH! Tim was able to talk to his once-a-month-domino-playing-doctors shortly after Auggie's appointment. The ophthalmologist knew exactly what Tim was talking about before he even showed him pictures! Apparently, what Auggie has is a Chalazion- a small bump in the eyelid caused by the blockage of a tiny oil gland. They rarely respond to antibiotics or topical treatments and can reoccur. If they become problematic then they can be removed surgically.

So we'll be waiting for this big ol' Chalazion to disappear! I wish we could do something more than wrestle with Auggie to clear out all that gooey-ness! Hopefully it'll be gone soon.

A couple days before his doctor visit
Sent this one to Tim
Wednesday afternoon

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